They Gathered at the River
Sixty American opinions on the war
Hawaiian ordeal : Ukrainian contract workers, 1897-1910
Lunenburgh : or, The old Eastern District
The Universities of Canada, their history and organization with an outline of British and American university systems
On the source of muscular power : arguments and conclusions drawn from observations upon the human subject, under conditions of rest and of muscular exercise
Under the Northern Cross, or, Parochial memories
Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
A history of Nova-Scotia, or, Acadie. Volume III
Spadunk ; or, From paganism to Davenport United : a study of community development, of the religious life around which it centred, and of the pioneer personalities which gave shape to both
Medical essays 1842-1882
Reform Party news releases
A summary, historical and political, of the first planting, progressive improvements, and present state of the British settlements in North-America. Volume 2
The Polish presence in Canada and America
First steps to Tokyo : the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Aleutians
The Documentary History of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier. [Part 9]
Life and letters of the late Hon. Richard Cartwright, member of Legislative Council in the first Parliament of Upper Canada, born 1759, died 1815
Annals of Niagara
The Wardells and Vosburghs : records of a loyalist family
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1999
The Documentary History of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier. [Part 4]
Preston Manning's Speeches, 2000
Reform Party Task Force on Health Care report
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1991
The Reformer newspaper
The story of the trapper
Historic handbook of the northern tour : Lakes George and Champlain, Niagara, Montreal, Quebec
The Documentary History of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier. [Part 8]
Public versus capitalism : a plea for national ownership of industry, The
Spiritualism and allied causes and conditions of nervous derangement
The Camden colony, or, The seed of the righteous : a story of the United Empire Loyalists, with genealogical tables
System of practical medicine, Volume V : diseases of the nervous system, A
Textbook of clinical neurology : with an introduction to the history of neurology, A
Reform Party Green Book: issues and answers
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian peoples and their institutions. Volume 5 : United Canada, 1840-1867
The centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the 
  United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884
Poland as an independent economic unit : being a lecture delivered at the "Ecole des hautes etudes sociales" : Paris, January 29, 1916
Cavalry journal. Vol. VI, no. 24, October 1911
The Reformer newspaper
Reform Party Assembly delegates' package
Pathfinders of the West
Cavalry journal. Vol. VI, No. 21, January to October 1911
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 28, October 1912
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 27, July 1912
Summary of emergency legislation passed by the parliaments of the Empire in consequence of the war
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 25, January 1912
Britain's financial burden
Censorship and trade
Poland and Mittel-Europa
Militarism and wages : the effect of militarism on wages and prices of commodities
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