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Tipple with locomotive 100, Brule, Alberta.
Summit, White Pass, Yukon Territory.
Small locomotive and mine cars, Hillcrest mine, Hillcrest, Alberta.
Narrow gauge locomotive of North Western Coal and Navigation Company, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Frank and Grassy Mountain railway locomotive, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway steam locomotive and box-cars, Standard, Alberta.
Train arriving in Standard, Alberta.
Coal transfer on Alberta Railway and Coal Company, Dunmore, Alberta.
Train station, grain elevators and locomotive 5245, Warner, Alberta.
Diesel locomotive in Galt Mine #8 attended by Howard Pierson, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Howard Pierson operating a diesel locomotive in Galt Mine #8, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Ten-ton coal car outside of mine at Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Michel, British Columbia.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 2151, freight train from Drumheller, Alberta, approaching Wayne, Alberta.
Bridge damaged by flood, Wayne, Alberta.
Locomotive at Canadian National Railways depot, Wayne, Alberta.
Diesel locomotives with empty cars, Century Coal Company, East Coulee, Alberta.
Canmore Mines Limited, locomotive 4, at Heritage Park, Calgary, Alberta
Western Dominion Collieries train, Bienfait area, Saskatchewan.
Supervisory staff, Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive and car shops, Ogden area, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 2663, Thetford Mines, Quebec.
Canmore Mines locomotive 4, near Canmore, Alberta.
Canmore Mines locomotive 4, near Canmore, Alberta.
Rose Deer coal mine, near Wayne, Alberta.
Shay locomotive number 8 at coal mine, Bankhead, Alberta.
Coal mining, Bankhead, Alberta.
Men on compressed air locomotives, Coleman, Alberta.
Compressed air locomotives on railway, Coleman, Alberta.
First train at Diamond City, Alberta.
Train and elevator, Diamond City, Alberta.
Train depot, Diamond City, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Sturgeon coal shipment, Edmonton, Alberta.
Canadian Northern Railway train passing over bridge near Rosedale, Alberta.
Canmore Mines locomotive, Canmore, Alberta.
Canmore Coal Company locomotive #1, Canmore, Alberta.
Damaged Canmore Mines locomotive, Canmore, Alberta.
Mine locomotive at tipple, Hillcrest, Alberta.
Coal mine in Drumheller Valley, Alberta
Coal mine tunnel, Red Deer Valley Coal Company, Nacmine, Alberta.
Mine hoist at refurbished Atlas Coal Mine, East Coulee, Alberta.
Weekly Canadian National Railways freight train travelling from Rocky Mountain House to Nordegg, Alberta.
Dinky locomotive donated to Glenbow Foundation, Calgary, Alberta.
Locomotive used in strip mining operations, Gregg River area, Alberta.
Locomotive used in strip mining operations, Gregg River area, Alberta.
Jasper Park Collieries, Pocahontas, Alberta.
Jasper Park Collieries, Pocahontas, Alberta.
Lethbridge Collieries locomotive 6052, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Ideal Coal Mine, Wayne, Alberta.
Coal tipple, Drumheller valley, Alberta.
Coal mining town, Drumheller valley, Alberta.
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