German spy in America : the secret plotting of German spies in the United States and the inside story of the sinking of the Lusitania, The
Why the United States of America entered the war
Challenge accepted : President Wilson's address to Congress, April 2nd, 1917, The
I, Our debt to France ; II, What Lafayette did for America
America and freedom : being the statements of President Wilson on the War
Americans at the front
Defense and the consumer
Tactics and technique of air fighting
Defenseless America
Companionship in Arms.
Great faith : President Wilson's speech on American Flag Day, The
Neutrality and arms shipments
America and the cause of the allies
America and Bulgaria and their moral bonds
Tactics and technique of air reconnaissance and observation
America's Arraignment of Germany
World in Ferment
War and the future, The
The ABC's of the I.D.R.
Development of CENTAUR, a computerized war game
In the wake of the Eighteen-Twelvers : fights & flights of frigates & fore-'n'-afters in the War of 1812-1815 on the Great Lakes
Soldier and peasant in Japan : the origins of conscription
The Human Factor in the Army: Some applications of psychology to training, selection, morale and discipline
Church's work for men at war, The
Towards the Goal
War Aims and Peace Ideals
Plain words from America : a letter to a German professor
United Sates Army Air Force, transport aircraft, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Lockheed Hudson, Lethbridge, Alberta
Sixty American opinions on the war
President Wilson's message to the world.
Arms--and the men : Intimate personal glimpses of delegates, attaches and unofficial personages at the Washington Conference on the Limitation of Armament and Pacific and Far Eastern Problems.
Great parallel, The
First steps to Tokyo : the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Aleutians
Missive testing.'
Short history of the Dominion of Canada : from 1500 to 1878 : with the contemporaneous history of England and the United States
Historical account of Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio Indians, in 1764
Fort Meigs. A condensed History of the Most Important Military Point in the Northwest  [...]
British America. Vol. II
Finnish diaspora II : United States
British America. Vol. I
Effects of white contact upon Blackfoot culture : with special reference to the role of the fur trade, The
Model for a national militia, A / a lecture given by Camille Favre, on June 9th, 1903, at the Royal United Service Institution, London, under the auspices of the National Service League...
Handbook for spies
Military strategy versus diplomacy in Bismarck's time and afterwards
Hochelaga, or, England in the new world. Volume II
With the Indians in the Rockies
Unfounded attacks on British officers made in "An absent-minded war" by a British Staff Officer : a refutation
Economic weapon in the war against Germany, The
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