Naval and military terms explained : with illustrations
Journal of the Alberta Military Institute, 1920-1924
Game of war, or, Military manœuvers, The
Royal Military College of Canada review. Vol. 1, no. 1
Report of the Ministry, Overseas Military Forces of Canada, 1918
The Game of War; or, Military Manoevres
Memories on the march : personal stories of the Jewish military veterans of Southern Alberta
System of free gymnastics, based on the Swedish system : including light dumb-bell drill as practised in the Army Gymnasia, A
Through French eyes
Industrial unionism : what it is and what it isn't
Military analysis of the remote and proximate causes of the Indian Rebellion drawn from official papers on the government of India...
Evil that men do : a military story of the period of the Sepoy Mutiny, The
I appeal unto Cæsar : the case of the conscientious objector. Third edition
Army administration in three centuries
Third great war in relation to modern history, The
Medical services, The
Why Britain should disarm : the economic case for non-resistance
Royal Engineers Field-service Pocket-book, The
Frightfulness' in Theory and Practice
Catechism on field training : with illustrations and explanatory notes in accordance with the latest text books and regulations, and practical exercises and examples
How Germany makes war
Quarterly Militia list of the Dominion of Canada : corrected to 30th June, 1914, The
How to Defeat Russia
Defenseless America
Handbook on Local Whitleyism
Conquerors of Palestine through forty centuries, The
Ministry of Labour and National Service : a short sketch of its growth and functions
Further training and employment of mounted infantry and yeomanry, The
Victoria Cross centenary exhibition, Marlborough House, 15 June-28 July 1956
Development of CENTAUR, a computerized war game
Telegraphy, aeronautics and war
Spies and secret service : the story of espionage, its main systems and chief exponents
Agent in Italy
How Longbridge spanned the years of war : Austin war production in pictures
Solution of tactical problems : a logical and easy way of working out the tactical schemes set at examinations, The
War-game maps
General Sir Hector MacDonald: The Story of a Romantic Career
Defense and the consumer
Governor General's Foot Guards, Ottawa : seventy-fifth anniversary, June 8, 1872-1947
Munitions of war : a record of the work of the B.S.A. and Daimler companies during the world war, 1914-1918
Soldier and peasant in Japan : the origins of conscription
Surgeon in arms, A
Prisoners of War and How They Fare
Princess of Wales' Own Regiment (M.G.), The
The Human Factor in the Army: Some applications of psychology to training, selection, morale and discipline
Handbook for spies
Labour in chains : the peril of industrial conscription
Origin and services of the Prince of Wales regiment : including a brief history of the militia of French Canada and of the Canadian militia since Canada became a British colony...
Under the care of the Japanese war office
Mike Mountain Horse: A Passchendaele Warrior's Diary
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