Militarism : German and British
British militarism : a reply to Robert Blatchford . Second edition.
To destroy militarism
British finance and Prussian militarism : two interviews.
People's peace : a League of Nations versus militarism, A
Essays in socialism and war
Militarism and wages : the effect of militarism on wages and prices of commodities
Prussian militarism at work : a letter
Shall this war end German militarism?
Soldier and peasant in Japan : the origins of conscription
Germany and the Prussian spirit
Militarism and revolution : being three chapters from the author's larger work on Organisation, with the manifesto of the Communist Propaganda Group affixed. Second edition, unrevised.
War for ever
Militarism and Statecraft
Peril of conscription, The
Militarism at work in Belgium and Germany
German land hunger and other underlying causes of the war
Our ultimate objects in this war : what does crushing German militarism and destroying the domination of Prussia really mean?
Terms of the coming peace, The
HTST 471-01 F1997
HTST 471-01 W2001
HTST 479-01 F1993
Why British labour supports the war
HTST 471-01 W2005
HTST 471-01 W2004
HTST 479-01 F1995
Vista of victory, The
Russia's idea of peace
Our duty and our interest in the war
Peace with honour : controversial notes on the settlement. Second edition
HTST 399-01 W1993
Economics of war, The
Practical, permanent, and honourable settlement of the war : lectures intended to be delivered at Devonshire House, Bishopsgate, London, E.C., on Jan. 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 1916, A
Origins of the great war, The
Conscription and motherhood
League of Nations, The
Memorial to the International from the Bohemian branch of the Socialist Party in America
Un-commonsense about the war
HTST 399-01 W1996
Allied peace : being an unofficial forecast of the terms of peace, An
HTST 399-01 W1997
HTST 471-01 W2006
HTST 569-01 F2002
War and Civilization
HTST 569-01 F2006
HTST 569-01 F2004
Win the War for Permanent Peace
League of Nations and labour, The
Crank : a discussion, The
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