Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
Pastor to Social Worker : an autobiography
Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988.  Volume 1
Wheat Province diamonds : a story of Saskatchewan baseball
Saskatchewan local history directory : a locality guide to community and church histories in the Prairie History Room
Saskatchewan local history directory : a locality guide to community and church histories in the Prairie History Room
Ukrainian people places : the Ukrainians, Germans, Mennonites, Hutterites and Doukhobors and the names they brought to Saskatchewan
Deep Earth : a short history of the Tiefengrund School District, No.431, in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan medical quarterly. Vol. 13, no. 2 (July, 1949)
Don't cry baby-- we'll be back! : the history of Wheatland Regional Library, 1967-1987
The sword of Saint Paul : a history of the Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-1983
Footprints of time : Viscount and district, 1905-1985
Music for one -- music for all : the story of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association, 1908-1988
Ukrainian Pioneer Days in Early Years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District, Sask.
A Link to our heritage : Lacadena, Darwin, Pleasant, Saltburn, Clytha, Fundale, Opal
Memories forever : Elstow and district, 1900-1983
80 Years in Wakaw, 1898 - 1978
Dialogue for direction
The Frankos in Canada: a family history
Life as it was : Prud'homme, Saskatchewan, 1897-1981
Lewchuk's Creative Magic
Fifty golden years, 1903-1953 : a brief history of the Order of St. Benedict in the Abbacy Nullius of St. Peter, Muenster, Saskatchewan.
St. Paul's Roman Catholic Cathedral Parish, 1903-2003
Fields of prosperity : a history of Englefeld 1903-1987
From prairie sod to golden acres : chronicles of the Hoosier district
Portrait of a Community : Kelfield, Saskatchewan, Canada
Yorkton : York Colony to Treasure Chest City
Drake, past and present : making memories
Those Were the Days"" in Swift Current
Heritage & history : the Saskatoon Jewish community
Blucher builders : Blucher community, 1900-1982
Log cabin tales and changing trails : history of Choiceland and district
Meskanaw : Its Story and its People
Our harvest of memories : Foxdale, Sturgeon Valley, Silver Cliff, Three Creeks, Rayside, Rich Valley
Milestones & Memories
Footsteps to follow : a history of Young, Zelma and districts
Pioneer Ways & Bygone Days in the West Eagle Hills : a history of Prongua, Battle River, Lindequist, and districts
Little Town in the Valley : History of Flaxcombe and Surrounding School Districts
With Faith and Hope : St. Laszlo, our heritage
A Journey of Faith : St. Peter's abbacy, 1921-1996
Times past to present
Our treasured heritage : LeRoss & districts : Clarkson, Doverley, Eskdale, Georges, Ravine
Dundurn memories
Heroes of their day : the reminiscences of Bohdan Panchuk
Ripples and Reflections : Hanley
Reflections of Radisson : 1902-1982.
Pioneer Ways to Modern Days : history of the town of Carrot River and the Rural Municipality of Moose Range
Cordwood days to modern ways : Carragana, Chelan, High Tor, Porcupine Plain, Somme, Weekes
Reflections : a history of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika
Pilger Memories : a history of the Pilger-St. Bernard District : a struggle for survival
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