Alberta Report Magazine
The Implications of the Globalization of Television and its Cultures
Tradition and change:  the metamorphosis of culture and the place of arts in the eletronic media environment
The Evolution of Broadcasting Systems and the Mutation of Culture in the Television Environment of the Ninteen Nineties
HTST 525-01 W2004
HTST 525-01 F2001
HTST 525-01 W2010
HTST 525-01 F1999
HTST 311-01 W1996
HTST 451-01 F2009
HTST 451-01 W2009
HTST 525-01 F2005
HTST 451-01 W2007
HTST 451-01 F2003
HTST 451-01 W2002
HTST 451-01 W1998
HTST 493-11 W1999
Education for leisure
The Role of Glenn Gould in the Development of Music and Communications
Some Thoughts on "Organizing Ourselves For Successful and Effective Reorganization" or "Can anyone tell me why our nineteenth century structure is not able to deal with the twenty-first century?"
HTST 451-01 W2001
HTST 449-01 F2000
HTST 203 S2000
HTST 203-01 F2000
HTST 203-01 F1998
HTST 203-01 F2001
HTST 203-01 F1997
DRAM 380 F1983
DRAM 380 S1983
HTST 203-01 F1999
HTST 449 W1999
DRAM 380 F1984
DRAM 380 P1982
DRAM 380 S1984
DRAM 357 W1985
DRAM 646 F1981
HTST 540-01 F1995
Faculty of Management Yearbook 1991-92, University of Calgary
The Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada = La Federation canadienne des sciences humaines et sociales
The Faculty of Humanities Annual Bibliography 1989
VOX Magazine, December 1990, Issue 83
Faculty of General Studies faculty plan
History of pharmacy in Alberta : the first one hundred years (from leeches to lasers)
Address to Faculty
Gazetteer and directory of the county of Wellington, for 1871-2 : giving the names of residents in the towns, villages, post offices, and lists of farmers in each township in the county
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 002, Number 010
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 012, Number 041
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
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