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Detail of terra cotta coping
Miscellaneous terra cotta details
Terra cotta & brick details; chimney plan
Interior elevations
Details of entrance to store
Elevations of Merchants' Exchange
Detail of glass beams at elevator lobby first floor
Leaded glass window west end of lobby
Leaded glass work office of McCarter Nairne
Hastings Street elevation of tower
Exterior details
Burrard Street elevation
Details of main entrance doorway
Elevation to CPR tracks
Burrard Street elevation
Burrard Street elevation
Detail of wood casing to interior of revolving doors
Plaster details of main ceiling in Merchants' exchange
Clock face Merchants' Exchange
Plaster details of bridge, frieze in lobby
Detail of plaster frieze in grand lobby
Details of ornamentation
Fourth to eighteenth floors women's washroom
Stair details
Detail of tile frieze in lobby
Details of tile heads spandrels in lobby and doors
Detail of indicator panel over central elevators
Stair plans at basements, mezzanine, main floor
Ornamental iron and bronze
Details of bronze casting to revolving doors
Details of ornamentation
Detail of entrance to bank
Bronze directory board
Detail of rail in Merchants' Exchange balcony
Detail of bronze grilles in main lobby
Grille next to elevator no. 1
Details of grilles to counter in Merchants' Exchange
Ornamental belt course between columns 1 and 2
Detail of korkoid in entrance lobby
Figures for korkoid floor
Plan of korkoid floor
Detail of centre motif astrological, aries (ram)
Bronze gate to starters booth
Detail of centre motif astrological, taurus (bull)
Detail of centre motif astrological, gemini (twins)
Detail of centre motif astrological, cancer (crab)

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