Kandahar in 1879
Gallipoli revisited
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Orbinski, James Jude
85th King's Light Infantry : (now 2nd Battn. The King's Shropshire Light Infantry), The
Cavalry journal. Vol. XX, January to October, 1930
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 031, Number 018
Waziristan, 1936-1937 : the problems of the north-west frontiers of India and their solutions
Gauntlet Parody Issue
Terms of the coming peace, The
Twenty-five years, 1919-44 : Major Alastair Guy Spens Campbell
Gauntlet, Volume 020, Number 043
Cavalry journal. Vol. XXI, January to October, 1931
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVI, January to October, 1926
Chinthe : Royal Canadian Air Force, 435 Squadron, Burna, India, '44-'45
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVIII, January to October, 1928
Ethnicity: the role of group identification in social change
With the Zhob field force, 1890
HTST 403 W2003
University of Calgary annual international health day: opportunities and challenges for the physician working in the developing world
Germany's future : with a good peace and a bad peace
Cavalry journal. Vol. XIX, January to October, 1929
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 007, Number 004
Gauntlet, Volume 020, Number 027
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. II
Pen and ink sketches of military subjects
Security and Defence Forum Program Annual 2004-2005
Tsardom's part in the war : [with notes on the Times' recent "revelations"]. Second edition
Holy war in Tripoli, The
Bibliography 2005
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 013, Number 014
OnCampus quarterly, Volume 001, Issue 003
Unfounded attacks on British officers made in "An absent-minded war" by a British Staff Officer : a refutation
Reception of the declaration, The
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. I
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 007, Number 014
Down memory lane : [Simpson, Saskatchewan, R.M. of Wood Creek #281, school districts and family histories]
University of Calgary Convocation and Installation Ceremonies, November 10, 2014
Tchun! Vol. 1, no. 4
FINA 503-06 W2007
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. III
Prominence and promise - academic plan priorities: 2003/07
University of Calgary Convocation, June 1975
Persia, Finland, and our Russian alliance
British Columbia from the earliest times to the present. Vol. 4
Story of the 1st & 2nd Battalions, 41st Dogras, The
German spy in America : the secret plotting of German spies in the United States and the inside story of the sinking of the Lusitania, The
Bridging the centuries : Shackleton, Abbey, Lancer, Portreeve. Vol. 2
Afrikander Rebellion: South Africa Today
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 030, Number 021
Gauntlet, Volume 025, Number 002
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