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Nobody cares if you smoked pot, okay? What we want to know is can you smoke Harper? Can you smoke Layton? Can you smoke anybody?!!'
Bear spray mandatory on Banff trail...'
Lloyd Robertson, the early years...'
I would describe myself as the ideological bridge between the conservative Conservatives and Danielle Smith.
The oil sands, the pipeline debate, border and trade issues have Americans thinking about Canada...' [Average Americans don't know or care about Canada].
Science news..' [Science behind endangered species may be flawed].
[Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper].
Ah, I see that you're an online book fan. Me too, Greetings!' 'Save your breath. I just googled you on face-find. I'm not interested in a 42 year old, un-employed appliance salesman�
The booming West desperately needs workers.'
Laid off' [Cutbacks and layoffs at Parks Canada].
Went in to upgrade my phone the other day. The kid says 'Good Idea, sir. What do have in mind?' I said I'd like a longer cord. Thought the kid was gonna go apoplectic!'
Excellent draft pick...' [Ralph Klein receives Order of Canada].
Oblivion' [Air Canada and obsolete technologies are going to disappear].
Did I mention that we have some 'New' Canadians living next door?'
Good news - Polar bears may soon get enhanced protection...'
In my opinion, Mr. McGuinty, you're suffering from a classic case of oilsands envy.'
I must remember to give our excellent cleaning people a nice Christmas bonus.'
'For Heaven's sake!! I thought they were trying to cut back on mindless violence!!' 'This isn't the NHL, this is the Wheat Board and the Government!''
[The Devil welcomes Clifford Olson to Hell].
No You Can't' [United States President Barack Obama opposes the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline].
Hi there! I'm a world famous actor here to tell you about Alberta's dirty oil!' 'When you say dirty oil I wanna hear disgust! Try it again!'