Lake Minnewanka, Banff, Alberta.
Elbow River Rifle Club team.
Setukkomuccon (Jim Big Plume), Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
Alberta team at Dominion Rifle Association in Ottawa, Ontario.
Steamship 'Peace River'.
Setukkomuccon (Jim Big Plume), Sarcee.
Three Bulls, head chief of the Blackfoot, with wife.
Steamship 'Lily', under construction.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 522.
Canadian Pacific Railway dining car, interior.
French Canadians threshing with a treadmill near Bird's Hill, Manitoba.
Interior of cave and basin, Banff, Alberta.
Blackfoot woman gathering wood with travois.
Telegraph gang at work in Rocky Mountains
Stoney Bridge Lane, Marlborough, England.
Reading by candlelight
First Alberta rifle team to attend Dominion Rifle Association in Ottawa, Ontario.
Siupakio and Sikunnacio, Sarcee women.
Astokumi and family in front of lodge, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
Regina, Saskatchewan
Anthracite from the east, Alberta.
The Cave building, Banff, Alberta.
Moving a house by Canadian Pacific Railway, near Bird's Hill, Manitoba.
Home of E. G. May, near Eau Claire Flats, Section 16, Calgary, Alberta.
W. Hanson Boorne, pioneer Calgary, Alberta, photographer.
Dining room, Glacier House, British Columbia.
Lake Minnewanka (Devil's Lake), Banff, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway bridge crossing Saskatchewan River, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Mission Hill, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotives, second is locomotive 132.
Mrs. Ernest G. May, Calgary, Alberta.
English church at Stonewall, Manitoba.
W. H. Boorne's home, near the bank of the Bow River, Calgary, Alberta
Interior of snowshed, Canadian Pacific Railway line.
Prospector's cabin in Rocky Mountains.
D' Troop, North-West Mounted Police, and pack train crossing the rockies.
Bull Bear, and wife, Blackfoot.
Snowshed construction in the mountains, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Railway locomotives, snow plough and train.
Ernest Gundry May, Calgary, Alberta.
Home of W. Hanson Boorne, centre on Section 16, Calgary, Alberta.
Cows standing in smudge in milking yard, Bird's Hill, Manitoba.
The Bow River at Calgary, Alberta.
Mission Hill, Alberta.
Sarcee bell dancers, southern Alberta.
Sasakiu and family, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina), in camp.
Bow River mills, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway heavy grade locomotive 314, Field, British Columbia.
Chinese section men on handcars, Canadian Pacific Railway.
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