University of Calgary Fact Book 1971–72
University of Calgary Fact Book 1976–77
University of Calgary Fact Book 1974–75
University of Calgary Fact Book 1972–73
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 11th, 1911.
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 1997
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 2001
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 013, Number 001
University of Calgary Rez Handbook and Calendar of Events 84-85
Gauntlet, Volume 021, Number 027
Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering annual report 1994
Gauntlet, Volume 027, Number 024
G8 Legacy Chair in Wildlife Ecology annual report 2005/06
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 2000
St. Albert, Alberta, Bylaws, Index
Calgary 2010 Winter Olympics bid - addendum
Alberta Gazette 1990, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1976, part 1

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