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Students with disabilities at the University of Calgary: information for instructors
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 11th, 1911.
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 1997
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 2000
Media Guide, Calgary Stampede, 2001
Bosnia again.'
[Snap federal by-elections catch the Liberal Party of Canada napping.]
[Calgary bylaw officers begin enforcing new smoking bylaw; Calgary has become smoke-free in most public places.]
[Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach and Prime Minister Stephen Harper brush each other with green paint.]
Deep in Ward 10...'No mail-in ballots and voter ID would take all the fun out of a civic election! For one thing you would only get to vote once!''
The spin...'Seems a little...harsh!'' [The government of Alberta proposes a new energy royalty plan.]
Hey teenager! Here's one for you! 'We're lucky that we don't have to live with discrimination.' 'Do you know that the corner convenience store won't allow more than 2 teens in the store�
According to...survey 7% of Albertans want a snap election, 12% don't want an election, 26% want public floggings of annoying politicians, and 55% threatened violence if they're ever surveyed again...
'The way I see it, Ed, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you took a well-oiled machine and...' 'Please don't mention...oil.'' [The government of Alberta proposes a new energy royalty plan.]
The right side of the brain...'I claim this grey matter in the name of...' 'not so fast, pencil neck!''
Don't panic! Don't panic' [Stock market crash affects investors.]
...So Harper was denied his majority. Liberals meanwhile announced they will launch their first craft into deep space manned by Stephane Dion.'
Meanwhile, Stateside, John McCain has his own problems...'I gut and you skin, or you gut and I'll skin. Don't matter I'm flexible!' 'I'm not a chick, why is everyone staring at my shirt?''
Dusting day...' [Stephane Dion announces his resignation, to take effect at the Liberal Party's next leadership convention.]
Harper confirms Canadian forces withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011...'
Don't judge us all by a few bad apples.'
After much consideration Canada decides, although not lightly, to pull out its heavy weaponry...'What?!' 'They've got staplers!' 'In the open position!!''
[Lady Justice fumbles the ball during the O.J. Simpson trial.]
Three things that happen on a regular basis. 'Uh...Halloween...Christmas...Quebec Referendum...?''
Snug in his bed, with no thoughts of dread, Al Duerr slept like a baby. The race he'd lead, was like he'd said, he won, and there wasn't a maybe.'
[Negative environmental and financial impacts of the toxic waste treatment plant in Swan Hills, Alberta.]
Attack of the lemmings.'
[Chretien speaks to the nation about the impending referendum on Quebec sovereignty.]
[Afghan President Hamid Karzai supports Taliban.]
So Toronto picks just an average white non-Muslim male for Mayor.' 'Disappointingly unprogressive if you ask me.'
Reform Party wants to go provincial...' [The potential threat of a Reform Party of Alberta might force Ralph Klein to clean up his political image.]
This is my son, Donald. Thanks to prohibitive costs of education, he's decided to join the family business.'
There's a hockey player here looking for employment. 'Will work hard for 35 or 40 second shifts, some travel is okay, $750,000 U.S. a year range not including incentives and bonuses, call...''
It's an American thing...'
Not only do the rich get richer...but the rich get Banff.'
It's a good news, bad news thing. Yes, we have the CBC TV news back in Calgary, but it's some guy on a stool reading a newspaper.'
So by putting some away now we'll have some for later!!'
Painting by Numbers...'My god, you're lovely today!'' [Paul Martin's view of Canada may be too rosy.]
...And another thing we both got in common, we both have a pain in the butt - yours is Beijing, and ours is Ottawa.'
News item - anti-depressant (prozac) kills sex drive - says study.'
[Alberta opposes a federal carbon tax.]
'Mr. Bailey, after you had crashed your car, you sprinted from the scene...why?' 'It's what I do, sir.''
Lumbering conclusions...the trees are sacred...the trees aren't sacred...the trees...'
Same ol' Halloween, same ol' monster...'Yeh, yeh, boo to you too!''
News item - Liberals create special task force to study the west...'We were right all along. Out past Kenora it just drops off.''
Excellent! My nuclear reactor program from Canada!!'
I meant to do dat!'
News item - CIBC double-charges customers at bank's ATMs...a quick lesson in basic finance...your bank...you withdrawing money from your bank.'
[After a Supreme Court of Canada ruling, First Nations claim full, unregulated fishing rights and exercise them at Burnt Church, New Brunswick.]
Ed's Body Bazaar...under new management' [advances in biotechnology unregulated?]

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