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Look.... up in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane.... no... it's a politician.'
Yea. Though I walk through the valley of harangue I fear no noise for have voted in advance'
All we want is our fair share.'
I'm new in the building... can you tell me where the bathroom is?'
Take my advice... stop walking to work.'
[United States withdrawing from Vietnam war, under President Richard Nixon.]
[No Liberals elected in Alberta in recent federal election.]
So he passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side'.
The waterboy kissed the upright with his left shoe? What kind of a play is that?'
[Letter carriers on long term strike in Montreal.]
The disappearing act'
What a day! The Elves have joined a union... the reindeer are working to rule and the warantee on the sleigh expired'
Thanks a lot, Peter Rabbit!'
That is no way to talk to your plants.'
Eugene Whelan.'
[Cabinet members fixing to throw curve balls.]
[Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, money runs out there's nothing left in the pockets.]
Arret! Arret!... stop... cease... whoa!!'
Would you care to buy an Olympics?'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his cabinet ministers are not welcome at the National Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta.]
...And then I said 'If you're a RCMP, where's your horse? Then.... pow!'
[Mayor of Calgary Rod Sykes, with budget solutions.]
[The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation gets a new logo.]
[First Nations group takes over Calgary Indian Affairs Office.]