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[Ottawa is blinded by problems with economy.]
[Caught with thumb in 'pork barrel.']
[Canadian football goes metric.]
I've led you this far, haven't I? ... so trust me.'
We always get our man!'
[Ailing economy not comfortable with his doctor.]
[Ottawa faces another small delay in the Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline.]
We're all set to go but we need a driver.'
It's O'Hara, Sarge . . . He pulled undercover duty this weekend.'
Tell me, my good man ... are you out-of-work, jobless, or unemployed?'
Now that's what I call a Saddledome.'
I think I'm becoming paranoid . . . today I feel unemployed, tomorrow jobless, and at other times I feel seasonally adjusted.'
[Quebec defends its borders.]
I do this to make a living....what's your excuse?'
[Taxation for Make Work Project.]
[Possible scandal which resulted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police receiving copious amounts of mail.]
A rose by any other name....'
It's the Canadian trade deligation....'
[Taxis so expensive you need a line of credit]
I ran into a picket sign outside the hospital.'
Take a letter Miss Hawtcrawtch...'
[Construction and expansion in Calgary, booming.]
A pilsner '78, sir..... very rare.'
[Strike deadline laid out by postal service workers.]
We cannot in good concience abide by these ridiculous mailing costs... I vote for a strike.'
[Jimmy Carter's energy policy runs aground].
The Indian Rope Trick'
[Mounting problems for President Jimmy Carter, about to explode.]
[Israel and Egypt in arms race.]
...That's who!'
In Sidney's blind rush to stock-up he discovered a truth.... He's a scotch drinker.'
...But I didn't say anything about planes, tanks...guns....'
[Prime Minister Joe Clark tries to decrease the size of the federal civil service.]
No matter how thin you slice it... it's still baloney'
[Leaders for the Provincial elections in Alberta, for the Social Democratic Party, who can't seem to pull it together.]
It's an entrepreneur from Canada with an idea to save the Winter Olympics.'
The weigh in.'
[The Liberals disagree with oil pricing guidelines set by the Tories.]
Oh, how nice...our first harbinger.'
McDonald Commission uncovers RCMP 'dirty tricks' such as ....'
[Separatists defeated in Quebec's referendum, leaving ball in Ottawa's court.]
He's been like that since he came back from Washington.'
Go down two blocks, go past the AUPE strikers, turn left past the CUPE group, cross the brewery workers' picket line, and there it is...
[Ottawa wants shares in Alberta's oil 'cash cow'.]
[Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein has plans to enlarge Stampede Park.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau courting Middle Eastern oil producers over western Canadian oil production.]
For 22 cents I'd . . . . '
Reminds me of the streets of Calgary!'
Point . . . counterpoint.'
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