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Alberta Gazette 1970, part 1
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 008
Operator...I wish to make an obscene phone call to Edmonton.'
[A deficit snake moves into the garden of Alberta.]
No matter how you slice it ....'
[Bear market springs horns.]
[Television test pattern more interesting than politics.]
[Canadian farmer does not like the odour coming from Ottawa.]
I thought everyone was away skiing!'
The Eagle has landed!'
For a peaceful demonstration don't you think cruising for a bruising is a little too ... militant?'
[Trojan horse interrupts prime minister's vacation.]
There's nothing to it, once you get the hang of it, Jean.'
There you go... just nicely broken in.'
[Taxis so expensive you need a line of credit]
Thanks, shop steward...for awhile there i'd forgotten what the issues were!'
It looks like another one of those high speed chases!'
[Operating engineers on strike.]
[Peace and conflict resolution attempted by United States Secretary of State.]
He's paying.'
Couldn't this wait until after the super bowl'
[President Jimmy Carter gets in a sticky situation when involved with Vietnam, China and Russia.]
[Police concerned with drinking and driving.]
They told me before I came to Calgary the streets were literally paved with gold ... but I think they've mined most of it!'
Now why couldn't I do that when I was President?'
From Russia With Love'
Buy madam.. Why do you get the impression there's pork in the hamburger?'
The 20 dollars is for the barrel... wait till they hear the price of oil.'
[The city of Calgary in a construction boom.]
As I remember it. this is prime hunting country.'
I've seen quite a lot of that lately'
[Pierre Elliott Trudeau announces his intent to lead Liberals in Elections]
[Former Chairman of Air Canada Bryce MacKasey, is fired on September 18th.]
[New Democratic Party leader Grant Notley, running in Alberta elections.]
Okay ... when's happy hour?'
Eager Beaver here ... May I fill 'er up?'
[The possible two roads the citizens of Quebec could travel.]
[Quebec Premier Rene Levesque leads 'yes' side to separation referendum.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's export tax on natural gas is like 'opening a can of worms'.]
The mouse that roared.'
Put in a good word for me with the new president, will you?'
Don't go wandering away ... we may need you later.'
What a relief to be in calmer water.'
He must be using new math, while I'm still with 1+1=2.'
[Trudeau dealing with Quebec and Western alienation.]
[Member of Parliament John Horner becomes an exotic prize after joining Liberals.]
'30' ' [End of story.]
[Rising cost of renting takes toll on tenants.]
[New constitution almost written in stone.]
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