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Spring planting'
Streaking? Better look under track of field'
Guess wot, mate..... The candle makers are going on stirke!'
...Could be he's privy to information that we're ignorant of.'
[Richard Nixon resigns from office of United States President. Gerald Ford becomes the 38th President.]
[Emerging Prime ministerial candidate.]
As a duly elected official, I deem it my solemn duty to protect our Canadian way of life.'
Don't blow it, my boy'
This town ain't big enough for both of us.'
Hey Mac, Where's the closest drive in?'
Do you suppose he knows something we don't?'
Off we go into the wild blue yonder.'
Which key?'
Does Nuk-Nuk know something we don't?'
[Unsuccessful budget breaking attempt for Calgary, Alberta.]
It's a traffic ticket! Crossing a picket line when unsafe to do so.'
I see a Ford in your future.'
Look.... up in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane.... no... it's a politician.'
We goofed.... this job wasn't due till Stampede week!'
[Tick... Tick... Tick]
Looks like the banks are raising their rates'
Firstly Sidney.. you look rediculous.... Secondly you'll get your double-knits filthy.... and lastly mecca is that way.'
Who are you calling a a..hic..drunk?'
Bridge crossing authority? I would like to reserve a crossing at 8.05.... 9.27.... 10.35..... 12.01?'
The Dynamic Duo'
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