... And now it's time for 'Let's-Make-A-Deal'.'
[Paul Hellyer of the Progressive Conservative party of Canada, preparing for a leadership race.]
I can't understand it, Doctor... he just stands there, looking at sky'
... Is good hot dog.... Caviar's right on....'
About that partidge in a pear tree....'
The sign writers local is on strike.'
[Checkstops explained to new Alberta citizens.]
The dam busters'
This may have some peculiar side effects....'
[Oil industry taking fire by the federal budget.]
Try Italian ...'
[Lots of labour disputes happening in British Columbia.]
Keep it well fed and it won't give you any problems'
I want a second opinion.... Phone the Mayor's office.'
Here's a good one, Looie...acquitals $9,995.98...convictions $99.98...appeals...'
[The marshal art of 'Inflation' is a worthy opponent.]
[Soviet Union removes 'teddy bear' suit after Moscow Olympics.]
I'm under a physician's care for a slipped disk!'
Welcome home hostages!'
The great leap forward'
Probably some faceless bureaucrat deciding it was advertising.'
[Polychlorinated biphenyls found in landfill.]
[Shackles and a handshake.]
[Prison guards join others in strike action.]
Summertime ... and the livin' ain't easy.'
Looks like one of those UFOs we're always hearing about!'
All rumors aside ... I still think it's some cockamamy gov't make-work project!'
The crunch.'
I know this quaint little restaurant where the menu is printed in English.'
[Calgary investigates numerous designs for future coliseum-type complex.]
Anything to declare?'
Abandon ship!'
[Time running out on war.]
Sidney has a very sensitive funny-bone!'
[Pierre Elliott Trudeau announces his intent to lead Liberals in Elections]
[Soliciting Alberta Treasury.]
The great escape?'
The three muskateers.'
[Pierre Elliott Trudeau appears unconcerned about election outcome.]
[The Rogers Pass Dam is the newest addition to the Trans-Canada Highway in British Columbia.]
[Gambling legal in Alberta and on the rise.]
[Alberta government cutting coverage to Alberta Medican Association.]
Trust me!'
What the hell ... it's a start!'
It was disgusting, Mother . . . he was penalized two pints for unsportsman-like conduct!'
Home sweet home'
Never mind the state of the economy right now.... I want you to check out our Neilson rating.'
[Possible scandal which resulted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police receiving copious amounts of mail.]
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