This town ain't big enough for both of us.'
May Day ... May Day ...'
Teach an old dog a new trick... how did you do it?'
It may be the answer to the eco-socio problem ... but it's not me!'
... Is good hot dog.... Caviar's right on....'
Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag... and get lost!.'
Treading water'
...Could be he's privy to information that we're ignorant of.'
We chart a new course on the next tide, mates.'
Confess... Did you or did you not exceed the government guidelines?'
... Use those until I can think of something better.'
The oil patch'
No thanks...There harmful to one's health.'
Mixed emotions'
It all depends on your point of view.'
The old one-two.'
Damned peculiar behavior...offering to shovel the walks.'
[Uganda's Idi Amin terrorizes nation.]
[Former Chairman of Air Canada Bryce MacKasey, is fired on September 18th.]
[Alberta and Ottawa prepare to discuss yet another disagreement.]
Quite frankly, they look all the same to me.'
[Countdown to Canadian federal election presented as a soap opera.]
Someday son, all this will be yours.'
[Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) threatens world economy].
See any light at the end of the tunnel?'
Programs .. programs ... git'cher programs ... you can't tell the strikers without a program.'
The foundling'
[April snow in Calgary.]
Security... I wish to report a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood'
Martha... is it possible to get DTs by drinking iced tea?.'
World Series 10.... civic election, 0.'
[Environmental issues in ranching to be addressed in legislature.]
[Canadian aircraft industry falling apart.]
[Iranians suspicious of Russia's offer of assistance.]
Don't sweat it ... it only needs a minor tune-up!'
...Dr Maldumeer... Calling Dr Maldumeer... Emergency in the kitchen'
Strong man Khadafy.'
[World economy blindly follows OPEC.]
[Liberal party issue, probably hoping the issue will go away.]
C'mon... you're not catching me with that old flying saucer scam!'
He seems rather sluggish, lately.'
He's made us a take-over bid ... what do you think?'
Good news ... and bad news!'
[A break in a fragile situation.]
Off and running?'
[The bear finds possible intervention in Poland to be 'a sticky situation'.]
[Union of Soviet Socialist Republics goes fishing for influence in Iran, with the Shah at the head.]
Follow that tire!'
Constitutional timeclock.'
[Light Rail Transit plans approved by city council in Calgary, Alberta.]
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