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Alberta Gazette 1970, part 1
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 008
[Argentina 'foiled' by embargo.]
[No use for the Canadian dollar.]
[Beirut in rubble, bomb intact.]
This is the captain speaking ... tea, coffee or milk?'
[Trudeau chasing after Levesque with a gas can, attempting to 'put out the fire' with gas].
[Canadian economy ailing.]
[Liberals lose by three horse-lengths.]
T-the one I fear m-most . . . the S-spirit of Yet to Be.'
If you can't stand the heat of the kitchen . . .'
Sink or swim.'
[Ottawa on top of the unemployment situation.]
[Spider webs link the prairie's elevators to the restored rail branch lines.]
[Fighting bigotry in Alberta.]
Looks like fair sailing ahead, sir.'
Am I led to believe that after all these years, that crime does pay?'
You mean there's no cake either?'
Here's a good one, Looie...acquitals $9,995.98...convictions $99.98...appeals...'
Guess what... the little dear spoke his first word today... Yech!'
[Israel and Egypt in peace talks.]
Sidney, here, has a perfectly, marvelous idea to solve the city's problem.... Fill the pot holes with garbage.'
Stage door Johnnies.'
...And to think it's the same guy who went through two months of civil strike without a whimper'
Is there life after death?'
Do you believe in fairy tales?'
[Taverns closed on election day.]
Fill 'er up?'
We believe we've made a technological breakthrough that could save the co. millions.'
Well we can't have a daddy and a new car... the bank is holding him for collateral.'
Political punching bag'
[Whale or fishing issue in Inuit area.]
Stop complaining... you have tenure to the next federal budget.'
[Pierre Elliott Trudeau announces his intent to lead Liberals in Elections]
... driving over the speed limit, breaking and entering, double-parking, postal code violations, etc. etc. ... Now, what are the charges against the prisoner?'
[Alberta and Ottawa prepare to duel over oil pricing.]
Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.'
Just relax ... we're just going to take a small sample.'
I wonder where he hid the keys!!'
[British North America Act 'patriation tea' not to everyone's taste.]
George, please ... not in front of the children.'
[Detente in trouble because of Soviet fishing violations.]
It's all in the way you hold your umbrella!'
Ever get the feeling people are talking about you?'
That's all very well ... if one has teeth!'
[Ottawa takes a shot at inflation.]
You don't usually see them this far south.'
The other shoe'
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