Ring them bells'
[Bird of prey to assist Israel.]
Now you know why Calgary is called Cowtown'.
Well, there goes the neighborhood!'
[Ottawa blows smoke in the face of aboriginal rights.]
[Large portion of Victoria Park acquired for stampede expansion.]
Security blanket.'
Where are we headed, comrade captain?'
Land ho...!'
Go ahead ..... have a snort!'
Allright ... everybody out and push!'
... Failing to yield right-of-way ... making left turn when unsafe to do so ...'
One squeaky wheel that doesn't get the grease.'
I know damn well we should have made payment over that satellite search business!'
Designer jeans.'
[Petrocan unpopular with all political parties.]
But dear ... you can't fight city hall.'
It's the Louis XIV look... I think it does something for my new look'
The proportions must be heroic, must look assured, purposeful, gazing confidently into the future . . . '
No more mister nice guy.'
I've seen quite a lot of that lately'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau courting Middle Eastern oil producers over western Canadian oil production.]
Hold it John.... We're having script problems'
[United States and Soviet Union put the squeeze on West Germany.]
[Ottawa takes a shot at inflation.]
That's a K.O. on the chatter matter, good buddies ... over and out.'
Uneasy lies the head....'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau trying to catch British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan with promises to the constitution.]
Political punching bag'
..Over and out!'
The oil patch'
The mouse that roared.'
[Canadian farmer does not like the odour coming from Ottawa.]
Testing ... testing ...'
Down the drain'
PCs 75 NDP 2 Ind. 2'
One for all and all for one'
[Calgary city budget needs more than a trim.]
[Calgary's creative living styles.]
Sir Peter of Pocklington . . . '
Hi, there . . . We're your new next-door neighbors.'
Like a bear with a sore foot.'
Band aid!'
You've been repreived!'
We have something like him in Ottawa.'
[Ontario Premier in lost battle over oil prices as rallied by Prime Minister Joe Clark and Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.]
[Calgary Stampeders football team finished for season.]
[The Calgary Herald moves to a new building.]
Political daisy-chain.'
Great shot, Pierre.'
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