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Greetings North America... from station V.O.D.K.A. we bring you a golden oldie...'let it snow... let it snow... let it....'
[Liberal party issue, probably hoping the issue will go away.]
[Possible scandal which resulted in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police receiving copious amounts of mail.]
A rose by any other name....'
The Magician'
Halt.... who goes.... ?'
Land ho...!'
[Terrorism threatens Italy.]
Let's face it... If you've got it... you've got it!'
... Failing to yield right-of-way ... making left turn when unsafe to do so ...'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau trying to catch British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan with promises to the constitution.]
Once upon a time, when the dollar was worth something ...'
[Calgary civic aldermen vote themselves pay increase.]
Next wicket.'
[The public hand over their weapons to the police.]
The oil patch'
...Dr Maldumeer... Calling Dr Maldumeer... Emergency in the kitchen'
We cannot in good concience abide by these ridiculous mailing costs... I vote for a strike.'
And I propose, gentlemen, to call the team the Houston recalls.'
What with the hospital staff strike. We have patients popping in from time to time for incidentals.'
Working whithin the framework of 55% Canadian content, we'll film only alternative plays'
Band aid!'
Wage parity is fine... But parity with whom?'
[Possibly nasty scene with customers suffering high interest rates at the hands of Governor of Bank of Canada, George Bowey.]
That's a K.O. on the chatter matter, good buddies ... over and out.'
Now you know why Calgary is called Cowtown'.
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau can't get rid of the ugly problem of an $11 billion deficit.]
[Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.]
Sorry I'm late ... I was detained in a gas lineup!'
No more mister nice guy.'
The old hat-in-the-ring trick'
Political punching bag'
[Ontario Premier in lost battle over oil prices as rallied by Prime Minister Joe Clark and Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.]
Uneasy lies the head....'
One for all and all for one'
I've seen quite a lot of that lately'
Hold it John.... We're having script problems'
The Gordian knot'
Nice little place they have here'
..Over and out!'
Down the drain'
Ring them bells'
I know damn well we should have made payment over that satellite search business!'
[Petrocan unpopular with all political parties.]
It's ironic. Competition...coming from our own people.'
It's a modern day phenomenon ... it's called the mortgage rate syndrome.'
[Ottawa and Alberta cut off lines over energy dispute.]
Testing ... testing ...'
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