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Just a minute, Jimmy... I'll be right with you'
Just like old times'
The great leap forward'
Between a rock and a hard place'
[Federal Finance Minister John Crosbie banishes the government watchdog from his duties.]
[Ontario Premier in lost battle over oil prices as rallied by Prime Minister Joe Clark and Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.]
... 'Member the time they used t' sell lemonade.'
Mixed emotions'
[Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran]
... Of course there's no tobacco in it!'
[Leader of the opposition, Liberal Party of Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau thinks he operates above stormy political realities.]
[City of Calgary has unique 'pothole' float designed representing street maintainence division in the Calgary Stampede Parade.]
First . . . grab subject firmly . . . '
T-the one I fear m-most . . . the S-spirit of Yet to Be.'
Battle plan.'
[Hitchhiking inevitable after sales of natural gas dry up.]
[Trojan horse interrupts prime minister's vacation.]
[Quebec claims victory over public sector.]
Looks like fair sailing ahead, sir.'
All rumors aside ... I still think it's some cockamamy gov't make-work project!'
White knuckle rafting.'
Harbingers of Spring.'
Testing ... testing.'
[Canadian farmer does not like the odour coming from Ottawa.]
Car Wars.'
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