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... And no hitting below the belt'
[Pierre Elliott Trudeau announces his intent to lead Liberals in Elections]
The great escape?'
[Prime Minister Joe Clark sworn into office on June 4th.]
Probably some faceless bureaucrat deciding it was advertising.'
[Construction booming in Calgary, Alberta. McDougall centre in background.]
I know it's not what you're used to at city hall... But rearranging a few petunia beds, and it wouldn't make a bad office.'
[Calgary City council has their anti-smoking bylaw bubble about to burst.]
Fill 'er up?'
The old hat-in-the-ring trick'
Ashes to ashes ... dust to dust ...'
Sorry I'm late ... I was detained in a gas lineup!'
Home of the whopper.'
[The oil patch has seen better times.]
[A new home for Christmas.]
Good news ... and bad news!'
[The ups and downs of the oil industry.]
Strong man Khadafy.'
Sorry we have to lay you off, chaps ... but we're forced to make some economic cutbacks!'
Okay . . . open'er up!'
Tell me, my good man ... are you out-of-work, jobless, or unemployed?'
Arise, Sir Costalot ... sally forth and scourge the countryside.'
[Student driver to lead Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.]
Looks like a good one over there, Sidney!'
It seems to ride better now that you've lost some weight!'
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