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[Energy pricing talks turn into staring contest.]
He's an agent from a foreign land seeking audience.'
[National anthem used as battle cry.]
We have to stop meeting like this.'
Mixed feelings.'
The rumors of my demise has been greatly exaggerated!'
[Ottawa tries to 'keep the lid on' rising interest rates and inflation.]
[Auto workers of the future.]
What part of the west you say your from?'
[Alsands collapse, as stopper is put on lid of Alaska pipeline.]
[New constitution almost written in stone.]
[Beirut in rubble, bomb intact.]
[Canadian constitution compared to a red rose.]
[Calgary Tower converted into aquarium.]
There goes another dissatisfied customer.'
[Poland secures itself from Soviet intervention.]
I wonder where he hid the keys!!'
Bunker mentality.'
[Opposition leader fighting for his life.]
[Time stands still at the Peace Tower.]
I want the tooth fairy.'
It's a modern day phenomenon ... it's called the mortgage rate syndrome.'
[Ottawa and Alberta cut off lines over energy dispute.]
It's an entrepreneur from Canada with an idea to save the Winter Olympics.'
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