Onoway, AB. Bylaws, 2005
Financial Reporting System user's guide
Business Operations annual report 2006-07
Report for the University of Calgary consolidated radioisotope licence
Yarmouth past and present : a book of reminiscences
Graduate research in chemistry
University of Calgary Fact Book 1994–95
Inventaire des permis de construction des archives de la ville de Québec, 1913-1930. Part C.
Too soon the curtain fell : a history of theatre in Saint John, 1789-1900
As their natural resources fail : native peoples and the economic history of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930
Under Eight Flags: Vol. 1
Gauntlet, Volume 020, Number 027
Graduate research in chemistry
Turner Valley, Alberta, Bylaws, 1993
Airdrie Bylaws, 2003
Achievements of cavalry
VOX Magazine, February 1985, Issue 15
Alberta Gazette 1985, Part 2
Memories of Lestock : a local history of Lestock and Districts
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering annual report 1993
Memories of the Past : history of Pleasantdale, Silver Park, Chagoness and Kinistino Indian Band #91
[Gazetteer and directory of Bruce County]
The confederation of the British North American provinces : their past and future prospects
La grande décharge : cours d'eau, chute immense et présence humaine à travers l'histoire : de la pointe de flèche à la centrale hydroélectrique
Toutes petites choses du régime français, volume 1
Unser Eisernes Kreuz : ein deutsches Heldenbuch
Profile of the Alberta post-secondary system: current context and selected trends affecting public post-secondary education, background discussion paper
Bibliographie de la Côte-Nord
Medicine Hat, AB., Bylaws, 1969
University of Calgary Fact Book 2008–09
Annual Report Department of Mathematics and Statistics The University of Calgary 1983:04:01 - 1984:03:31
Education and technological revolutions: the role of the Social Sciences and the Humanities in the knowledge based economy
Lac-Saint-Charles, 1946-1996
Reform Party Task Force on Political Technology report
Œuvres littéraires : poésies, lettres, récits de voyage en Europe et en Afrique
Department of Mechanical Engineering annual report 1993
Canada and the new Canadians
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 2004-05
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 2000-2001
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 1999-2000
University of Calgary Fact Book 2007–08
Gauntlet, Volume 020, Number 028
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 1997-98
Blackfoot lodge tales : the story of a prairie people
VOX Magazine, June 1994, Issue 124
Alberta Gazette 1959
Beaconsfield et Beaurepaire : une chronique de l'expansion de la ville de Beaconsfield et du secteur de Beaurepaire
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1904
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 2003-04
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 2000
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