[National Hockey League (NHL) cracks and falls.]
Things are tough all over, Garfield.'
Ring them bells'
Can't you do something about him... the show is about to go on!'
For a peaceful demonstration don't you think cruising for a bruising is a little too ... militant?'
The oil patch'
Tightening the old purse strings.'
Two days, 15 hours, 36 minutes and a-a-a-argh.'
[Wrecking ball hangs over small business.]
Once the bugs are ironed out it'll be smooth sailing.'
[Pipeline to Alaska has economic benefits for Alberta.]
After all the dazzling rhetoric, damning denunciations, the erudition, the intellectual soul-searching, isn't it ironic the bottom line is an X?'
The Big Bang Theory'
6 to 5 and all's well!'
[Anti-Inflation Board has problems with food prices.]
Not exactly the Monster, but he'll do, aye lads?'
[Taxis so expensive you need a line of credit]
[International Olympic Committee officials pose as 'monkeys' on the medals podium.]
What do you think this funny little bag is for .... for putting letters?'
I think it's a Japanese car in disguise.'
Marge sent me.'
For reasons beyond his control ... the president's firseside chat will not be seen at this time.'
Because it's there!'
If all goes well with our mortgage negotiations, next year we plan to put in air mattresses.'
I made you... I can break you.'
I went to a hockey game, eh ... and a delegate nomination broke out!'
[Former Prime Minister Joe Clark goes back to work.]
The Huckster.'
Got a match, sailor?'
Strange the sensation one gets when he thinks he's being watched.'
A man for all seasons.'
[Canadian dollar in need of repair.]
Breaking and entering ... down the hall 2nd door on your right.'
Arise, Sir Costalot ... sally forth and scourge the countryside.'
Home on the range.'
If you're a good boy, we will turn on the Xmas lights for you!'
Well ... there goes the neighborhood!'
Okay, you men...put your backs to it...they're gaining us!'
Sorry we have to lay you off, chaps ... but we're forced to make some economic cutbacks!'
The presidential race.'
[Alberta comes to aid of stalled oil industry.]
[Calgary mayor has weight of world on his shoulders.]
Y'all ready?'
[Protesting the testing.]
Free ride.'
[Ontario Premier in lost battle over oil prices as rallied by Prime Minister Joe Clark and Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.]
Maybe, just maybe he has a glass jaw!'
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