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Certificate for donation to The Polish-Jewish Family Loan Association, Calgary, Alberta.
Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Prime Minister and official hostess at Igloolik, Nunavut.
Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau at buffet-style meal, Igloolik, Nunavut.
Mrs. Eta Switzer, wife of Max Switzer, of Calgary, Alberta.
Passover seder at Bleviss home, Los Angeles, California.
Passover seder at Charles Switzer home, Calgary, Alberta.
Bleviss family, Los Angeles, California.
Caste of B'nai Brith, round-up review, Calgary, Alberta.
Aleph Zadik Aleph fraternity, Calgary, Alberta.
Rosedale, Alberta.
Bridge across Rosebud creek to Rosedale, Alberta.
Star Coal Mine, Rosedale, Alberta.
Grand Trunk and Canadian National freight cars at Rosedale Coal and Clay Products Company, Rosedale, Alberta.
Coal mining operations, Rosedale Coal and Clay Products Company, Rosedate, Alberta.
Coal miners in the pit at Rosedale, Alberta.
Sam and Mary-Ann Wallace and family, Rosedale, Alberta.
Wallace house being moved to new location, Rosedale, Alberta.
Boys on gopher hunt, Rosedale, Alberta.
Children playing with home-made toboggans, Rosedale, Alberta.
Members of the Women's Institute, Rosedale, Alberta.
Zambo family, Hungarian emigrants, Rosedale, Alberta.
Teacher and senior pupils at high school, Rosedale, Alberta.
Mr. Preisic carrying his wife to dry land during flood, Rosedale, Alberta.
Berlando and Sladek homes during flood, Rosedale, Alberta.
Cook house at Rosedale Mine, Rosedale, Alberta.
Rain-making machine in action, using Star Mine tower, Rosedale, Alberta.
Haying crew on Douglas Riddll ranch, Dorothy, Alberta.
Claud 'Slim' Rollins gardening at Rosedale, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Dart and children beside their log house, Rosedale, Alberta.
Workers at Star mine, beside first home, Rosedale, Alberta.
Annie Davies Strachan, Rosedale, Alberta.
Flood waters under swinging bridge, Star mine, Rosedale, Alberta.
Miner's band, Rosedale, Alberta.
Concert orchestra, Rosedale, Alberta.
Ebenezer 'Abe' Roberts, pit boss, and wife Harriet, Rosedale, Alberta.
Members of Bible class in front of mine hall, Rosedale, Alberta.
Abraham Isaac Shumiatcher, businessman, Calgary, Alberta.
Mendel and Bella Switzer, Calgary, Alberta.
Montefiore Hebrew Club, Los Angeles, California.
Negev dinner honourees, Calgary, Alberta.
Negev dinner honouree, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Ruth Luchman presenting State of Israel Bond Scroll to Mrs. Sarah Lubinsky, Calgary, Alberta.
Original staff of Nelson's Furniture at Banff, Alberta.
Interior of Miller's Store.
Exterior of Miller's Store.
Graduation portrait of Maurice Groberman.
Wedding photograph of Lilian Rosen and Sidney Groberman, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Wedding photograph of Annabelle Groberman and Ben Gurevitch, Calgary, Alberta.
Handicraft Exhibit, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.
Residence Yearbook 1981–82, University of Calgary
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