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A history of the schools of the county of Athabasca
Alberta Gazette 1944
Conservation cook book : a collection of tested recipes compiled by the Friday Unit
Rosebud, Alberta.
Blackfoot people seated in Sun dance lodge, Gleichen, Alberta.
View of Gleichen Hotel, Gleichen, Alberta.
School class, Gleichen, Alberta.
View of Rosebud, Alberta.
Branding calves, round-up in Rosebud area, Alberta.
Cattle on round-up south of Gleichen, Alberta.
Cattle dip, round-up Gleichen area, Alberta.
Cattle dip, round-up Gleichen area, Alberta.
Construction of Canadian National Railways bridge, Rosebud, Alberta.
Locomotive and crew Canadian Pacific Railway yard, Gleichen, Alberta.
Dave Wishart family, Rosebud, Alberta.
James Wishart, Rosebud pioneer, Alberta.
John Martin and his first pony, 'Pet', Rosebud, Alberta.
Dan Martin ranch on the Rosebud river, Alberta.
Round-up, south of Gleichen, Alberta.
Interior of M. and E. lumber company office, Calgary, Alberta.
Dolls, Universal Novelty Company, Edmonton, Alberta.
Drumheller, Alberta.
Drumheller, Alberta.
Alfred Saunders Chapman, Calgary, Alberta.
Chapman family, Calgary, Alberta.
Beatrice Chapman, Calgary, Alberta.
Alfred Saunders Chapman, Victoria, British Columbia.
Beatrice Tregillus, Plymouth, England.
Beatrice Tregillus and son Howard, Plymouth, England.
Beatrice Chapman, Calgary, Alberta.
Beatrice Chapman, Calgary, Alberta.
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 15, no. 12 (December, 1945)
German war aims