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Artillery detachment, 'D' and 'H' divisions, North-West Mounted Police, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
D' division, North-West Mounted Police, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Departure of Yukon detachment, 'D' division, North-West Mounted Police, from Fort Macleod, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police camp at Stand Off, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police, probably in area of Donald, British Columbia.
North-West Mounted Police detachment, Banff, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Blackfoot woman with tipi.
North-West Mounted Police non-commissioned officers at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Sergeant T. H. Dunn, North-West Mounted Police, and nephew, Fred English, at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Farwell Coulee Post of the North-West Mounted Police, Saskatchewan.
Commanding Officer's residence, North-West Mounted Police, at Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Colonel Acheson Gosford Irvine's house, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Officers of the North-West Mounted Police.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police mounted patrol at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Main street, looking east, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Main street, looking west, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Old stage coach at Fort Macleod jubilee, Alberta.
Blood on the trail, with wagons and travois, southern Alberta.
Fort Macleod stagecoach and North-West Mounted Police teams leaving Lethbridge, Alberta.
View of town, looking south, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Group at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Reverend Robert T. Rundle, Methodist missionary, and wife.
Reverend George McDougall.
Reverend George McDougall's log house at Morley, Alberta.
Mrs. John McDougall, Calgary, Alberta.
Old North-West Mounted Police detachment at Morley, Alberta.
Methodist church near Morley, Alberta.
James A. Youman, Methodist missionary teacher.
One Spot, Blood chief, and wife.
Andrew Sibbald, at 25 years, Methodist missionary teacher, Morley, Alberta.
Andrew Sibbald, at 101 years of age, Methodist teacher at Morley, Alberta.
Reverend W. C. Gordon's Presbyterian church in Banff, Alberta.
Home of Reverend Charles W. Gordon, who wrote as 'Ralph Connor', Banff, Alberta.
Reverend Charles McKillop, pioneer Presbyterian minister at Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mrs. Charles McKillop, Lethbridge, Alberta.
David Drummond Calletly, Banff, Alberta.
Superintendent John Cotton, North-West Mounted Police.
D. W. Davis on horse at the Strong Ranch, Alberta.
D. W. Davis, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Joe Healy, Blood.
Mrs. D. W. Davis, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Howell Harris, pioneer rancher.
Sir James Hector of the Palliser expedition.
William McDougall, first Lieutenant governor of the North-West territory.
James Scott, stage driver, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Charles A. Magrath, Lethbridge, Alberta.
D. 'Pug' Patterson, ex North-West Mounted Policeman and rancher.
William B. Pocklington, Blood Indian Agent.
W. H. Savery, rancher near Kipp, Alberta.
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