Mr. Colins as Sharp
Mr. Mathews as Sharp
Queen of My Heart [synopsis]
Queen of My Heart [draft]
Lend Me Your Title [serial synopsis]
Gauntlet, Volume 005, Number 015
Lend Me Your Title [early draft]
Lend Me Your Title [revised draft]
A Woman's Way [variant outline]
Badminton Magazine, The ; Cornhill Magazine, The ; MacMillan's Magazine
Queen of My Heart [partial drafts]
English Illustrated Magazine, The
Lend Me your Title
Hell"s Harvest [outline, notes]
Disillusion [draft]
Scrapbook: 1922 [articles]
Queen of My Heart [draft]
Hommes et choses du Fort Saint-Frédéric
Jean Talon, intendant de la Nouvelle-France, 1665-1672
Strand Magazine, The
Lacombe, AB., Bylaws, 1989
The Adventures of the Chevalier de La Salle and his companion
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 003, Number 002
Gauntlet, Volume 013, Number 030
The Claw [draft]
Gauntlet, Volume 021, Number 010
When you are in Halifax; sketches of life in the first English settlement in Canada
Boy's Own Paper, The
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Spies and secret service : the story of espionage, its main systems and chief exponents
Prince of Hearts [draft]
L' Île d'Orléans : notes sur son étendue, ses premiers établissements, sa population, les moeurs de ses habitants, ses productions
Portraits du site et de l'habitat de Place-Royale sous le Régime français : synthèse
University of Calgary faculty handbook (draft copy)
Gauntlet, Volume 018, Number 030
Gauntlet, Volume 012, Number 006
Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages : appointed by His Majesty's government and presided over by the Right Hon. Viscount Bryce, O.M., &c., &c., formerly British Ambassador at Washington
Canada medical record. Vol. 6, no. 10 (July, 1878)
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 011, Number 003
Gauntlet, Volume 015, Number 003
Argosy, The
William Edward Meredith Holmes fonds
Roughing it after gold
The fate of Glengarry, or, The expatriation of the Macdonells : an historico-biographical study
VOX Magazine, December 1993, Issue 118
L' armement du Machault: une frégate française du XVIIIe siècle
How Frenchmen Make Love [article]
Gauntlet, Volume 017, Number 037
Les petites choses de notre histoire. Sixième série
Sketches of the life of Mgr. de Mazenod, Bishop of Marseilles, and founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate [...]
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