Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.
Main street, Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.
Grain elevators, Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.
Bird's eye view of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Charlie Waddington, remittance man, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Four men on saddle horse, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Watermelon feed, Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Brass band, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Arrival of first train at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Main Street, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Residential street, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Homesteaders at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Garden party at Waldron, Saskatchewan.
Junior room at school, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Anna Turnbull Memorial Hostpital, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Land titles building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Western Hotel, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Standard bank of Canada, Eston, Saskatchewan.
Zealandia, Saskatchewan.
Collegiate institute, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway station and grain elevators, Leslie, Saskatchewan.
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway yards and roundhouse, Melville, Saskatchewan.
Town Hall, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Grain elevators, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Bull's bridge near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
H. C. Grose, in band costume, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Land Titles building, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Junior ice hockey team, Lanigan, Saskatchewan.
Fish taken from Crean Lake, Saskatchewan.
School girls after tennis practise, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Firewood banked against log cabin, near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Grand Trunk Pacific railway station, Melville, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Nationl Railway station, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
School children at tennis court, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Children beside heater in interior of Fountain school, Sheho, Saskatchewan.
First depot battalion canteen, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Hunters and dogs with coyotes killed near Lang, Saskatchewan.
Girls doing physical drill class with flags at Lang, Saskatchewan.
Class doing physical exercises at Lang, Saskatchewan.
Wreck of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway work train, between Melville and Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Coyotes killed near Lang, Saskatchewan.
Summer camp at Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan.
Private school in top of store, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Wonderville school, Malby, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway bridge, Outlook, Saskatchewan.
Advanced stage of grain elevator fire, Wapella, Saskatchewan.
Mortlach, Saskatchewan.
Mortlach, Saskatchewan.
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