Albert canyon, Selkirk range British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific Railway bridge over Elbow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack W. Clarke, Calgary, Alberta.
J. R. Sweeney, Alberta.
Mrs. Ada Beveridge drying her hair in backyard, Calgary, Alberta.
Street in Lacombe, Alberta.
Jack Clarke with game birds, Southern Alberta.
Horses beside wagon corral, southern Alberta.
Cutting out cattle during round-up, southern Alberta.
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Love, Herbert Gordon
Interior of Canadian Pacific Railway dining-car.
John Buchan, Calgary, Alberta.
Bridge over Elbow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Donnelly, Brandon, Manitoba.
William Levi Carlyle, Alberta.
George Hoadley, Alberta.
Herman Trelle and Henry Wise Wood, Alberta.
Business block , main street, Emerson, Manitoba.
James R. Clarke, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. J. W. Clarke, in garden of his home, Calgary, Alberta.
Robert Gardiner, Ottawa, Ontario.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clarke, pioneers in Calgary, Alberta.
Malcolm D. Geddes, Calgary, Alberta.
Miss Love as Lilla
Norman. F. Priestley, Calgary, Alberta.
Snowshed and fence, Selkirk range British Columbia.
J.E. Love business, Calgary, Alberta.
Love Me, Love My Dog [drafts]
Love Me, Love My Dog [variant draft]
Farewell dinner for Lloyd Turner, Calgary, Alberta.
Miss Love, as Arbaces
Love Me, Love My Dog [revised draft]
Sod turning for feed mill to be built by Love Feeds, Calgary, Alberta.
'Ever in my thoughts - God be with you'.
Love and Millions : The Girl and Her Money [partial synopsis]
Carex houghtoniana Torrey ex Dewey
Mr. Simmonds as Jew Mordecai
Mr. Mathews in the character of Risk
'I don't miss anything - but you'.
'Friend across the sea (1)'.
'Will you stick to me, George? Yes! Will you stick to your promise, George? Yes! We'll stick together, won't we, George? (By gum, it's a sticky business, this!)'.
'I wonder if you miss me sometimes (1)'.
Dr. Edgar Love - UofC Community Health Services
Japanese-American Love Story
Brenda Humber - The Love Shop
Pale Hands I Loved [synopsis]
How Frenchmen Make Love [article]
Red Cross blood donor clinic, Calgary, Alberta.
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