Life in Manitoba.
Breaking land in Manitoba.
First Nations guide cooking supper in camp, Manitoba.
Presbyterian church at Red River settlement, Manitoba.
'Silver Heights', occupied in summer by Lieutenant Governor Adams Archibald, Manitoba.
First Nations shaman (medicine man), Manitoba.
Main street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Farm, Red River settlement, Manitoba.
Wagon loads of grain at elevators, Brandon, Manitoba.
Snowball fight between First Nations boys, Red River, Manitoba.
Islington mission, Winnipeg River, Manitoba.
Shooting of Thomas Scott, Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Red River insurgent, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Arrival of dog sleigh at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Conference with First Nations chiefs during Manitoba Indian Treaty.
Hunting mountain sheep in Manitoba.
St. Boniface Cathedral, Red River, Manitoba.
Oblate mission, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
First Nations pow-wow, Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Traders at Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Red River.
First Nations boy, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Anglican Church at Red River settlement, Manitoba.
View of Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Manitoba people looking at 'The Graphic'.
Fort Garry, Manitoba.
View of Fort Garry, Manitoba.
View of Fort Garry, Manitoba.
First Nations woman with child, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Horses embarking at Point Edward, Manitoba to go west.
Confluence of the little Souris River and Assiniboine River, Manitoba.
Governor McDougall's retreat at Pembina, Manitoba.
Church and mission, Pembina, Manitoba.
Portage over corduroy, Red River expedition, Manitoba.
Roman Catholic church at St. Boniface, Manitoba.
Metis dance, Pembina, Manitoba.
Traversing the rapids on Red River, Manitoba.
Train of Red River carts, Pembina, Manitoba.
Pembina Settlement, at the confluence of Pembina River and Red River, Manitoba.
St. Andrew's Anglican Church at Red River settlement, Manitoba.
Steamer 'International' at Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Commandant addressing recruits during Fenian excitement, Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Shooting of Thomas Scott, Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Swan River barracks, Manitoba.
Prairie fire on the plains west of Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Imagined scene, Pembina area, Manitoba.
Halfway rest area, Assiniboine River, Manitoba.
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