London v. Germany : the war effort of the capital
City of London : the pioneer period and the London of today
Czechoslovak Festival in London. May, 1919
Simcoe's choice : celebrating London's bicentennial, 1793-1993
Pioneer days in London : some account of men and things in London before it became a city
Pioneer days in London : some account of men and things in London before it became a city
The city and diocese of London, Ontario, Canada : an historical sketch compiled in commemoration of the opening of St. Peter's Cathedral, London, June 28th, 1885
Czecho-Slovak music and the British press : report on the Czecho-Slovak festival in London (May 25th-June 3rd, 1919), with press comments
Growing to serve ... : a history of Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario
London, Ontario, centennial year : old home celebration, July 31st to August 7th, 1926
A Heritage of Healing : the London Health Association and its hospitals, 1909-1987
By-laws of the Township of London, Middlesex County : with historical sketch of pioneer days and important occurrences of recent dates : consolidated and approved by Council of year 1910
City of London, Ontario, Canada : the pioneer period and the London of to-day
Farrow's Bank gazette
Expenditure and waste : a study in war-time
Members' circular
Story of the Seventh Regiment, Fusiliers of London, Canada, 1899 to 1914
Brain and its functions, The
Convention speeches
CBC/University of Western Ontario: Apocalypsis World Premiere, 1980
Mr. Power as Murtoch Delany
To destroy militarism
Mr. Brereton in the character of Barnwell
My mission to London, 1912-1914
Mr. John Palmer Jr.. as George Barnwell
Mr. Rock, in the character of Murtoch Delaney
Mr. Lewis Waller as Henry V
British Cardinal's visit to the Western Front, A
CBC Presents: The Group of London, Nov. 4, 1974
Fiscal policy of the future : being opinions of some representative men, The
Mr. Martin Harvey as Napoleon
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1995
British militarism : a reply to Robert Blatchford . Second edition.
Hindenburg's march into London : being a translation from the German original
Independence day in London 1918 : resolutions and speeches at the Central Hall, Westminster
CBC Concert, The Early Music Consort of London, March 5, 1971
Mr. George Alexander
Miss Evelyn Millard
Mr. Lyn Harding
Mr. Cooper as Barnwell
Mr. Rutland Barrington
Mrs. Brown Potter and Mr. Holmes Gore
President Wilson's message to the world.
War profiteering in the worsted trade
Mr. Lewis Waller
A Tour through Canada, from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island
Mr. and Mrs. Kennerley Rumford
Mr. Lewis Waller
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