Mary Hitchell, Lineham area, Alberta.
Group, Lineham, Alberta.
Chuckwagon at Denning ranch, Lineham, Alberta.
Harry Denning surveying road, Lineham area, Alberta.
Harry Denning, with team and buggy, Lineham, Alberta.
Mrs. Harry Denning, Lineham, Alberta.
Stoney, at ranch of H. Denning, Lineham, Alberta.
Mary Denning and children, Lineham, Alberta.
Employees at Lineham Lumber Company sawmill, Okotoks, Alberta.
Moving John Lineham's house from flood area, Okotoks, Alberta.
Stoney, on Grip Vine ranch, High River area, Alberta.
Douglas Hardwick receiving life membership from Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Nichol, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Executive of Progressive Conservative Women's Association of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta.
Old Lineham wells, Oil City, Alberta.
Men with bear trap, Burns Mine area, west of Turner Valley, Alberta.
Harry Denning, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Harry Denning shoeing a horse, Black Diamond area, Alberta.
Herb Adams, Millarville, Alberta.
Stampede at Millarville, Alberta.
Dave Blacklock doing his laundry, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Adam Blacklock, Kew, Alberta.
Dave Blacklock, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Jim Adams, Millarville, Alberta.
Workers at the McPherson mine, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Dave Blacklock, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Dave Blacklock and Harry Sinnott, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Group at home of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Freeman, Millarville, Alberta.
Muriel Dutton with saddle horse, Millarville, Alberta.
Lumber leaving Lineham's mill, High River, Alberta.
Members of Mills, Robson, Carruthers, and Kilroe families, Vulcan, Alberta.
Turner Valley, Alberta, Bylaws, Index
United Church Ladies Aid picnic, Okotoks, Alberta.
Leaves from the Medicine Tree : a history of the area influenced by the tree, and biographies of pioneers and oldtimers who came under its spell prior to 1900
Alberta Gazette 1917, Part 1
Spitzee days
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1970
A  century of memories : Okotoks and District, 1883-1983
In the Light of the Flares. History of Turner Valley Oilfields
Medical Clinics and Physicians of Southern Alberta
Alberta, a New History
Echoes of Willow Creek
Echoes of Willow Creek
Pioneer Families of Southern Alberta
Alberta Gazette 1949
Alberta Gazette 1913, Part 1
Heritage on the Highwood
Alberta Gazette 1950, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1908
Alberta Gazette 1986, part 2
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