Little Town in the Valley : History of Flaxcombe and Surrounding School Districts
Remembering Dreams and Recalling the Past
Cadillac : prairie heritage
Reflections on the Past : A History of Hagen and District
History coming alive : R.M. of St. Philips, Pelly and district. Volume 2
The history of Atwater, Saskatchewan : and the surrounding districts, Barra, Coma Park, Fertile Belt, Glyndwr
Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988.  Volume 1
Pathways to Pathlow : Pathlow Heights #1 and #2, Percieville, Sacriston, Harriville, Willowdle, Flett's Springs and Shannon View
Across Border and Valley : the story of Maryfield & Fairlight & surrounding districts. Volume 1
Faith, hope and a homestead : history of Maxstone and surrounding school districts
Precious memories of time : a salute to the pioneers of Wauchope and Parkman
Saskatchewan soccer : a history
Mervin Memories : a history of Mervin and the following school districts: Aroma, Brooksdale, Clover Lake, Coredlia, Daysville, Dulwich, Louisville, Mervin
Rolling hills review, 1840-1980
Fort Pitt history unfolding, 1829-1985 : history of the Hudson Bay Post and the school districts of White Eagle, Harlan, Frenchman Butte, Rock Bottom, Onion Lake, Fort Pitt
The Legacy of St. Peter's Colony
Pages from the Past : A History of Paswegin and School Districts Harrow, North Quill, Quill City, Tiger Lily and Wooler
Saskatchewan's recreation legacy : a perspective from the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
Blended heritage
Ponteix Yesterday and Today : Ponteix and district. Volume 2
Reflections : Kelliher Jasmin district
Prairie to Wheat Fields
A lasting legacy
Beyond the range : a history of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association
Our blended heritage : Ruthilda and District, 1905-1980
Prairie Sojourn : [Belle Plaine, Stony Beach]
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
Spring Creek history, 1882-1990
Prairie Progress Commemorating the Macrorie district
A history of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Societies Association, 1883-1985
Called to a place : the story of Guernsey and surrounding school districts
The Landis Record
Humboldt on the Carlton trail
Patchwork of memories : Amphion, Balfour, Bigford, Blumenhof, Braddock, Falkland, Flora, Hopefield, Iris, Lens, Longford, Maharg, Marx, Peel, Rosenhof, Versailles, Wymark
Magic boards : a history of skiing in Saskatchewan
The Hands of Time : Village of Buchanan, 1907-1987, R.M. of Buchanan, 1913-1988, and district
Our heritage : a view from the Butte. Volume 1
Bridging the years : Nipawin, Saskatchewan
From sage to timber : a history of the Fort Walsh, Cypress Hills (west block), Merryflat and Battle Creek areas
Prairie Memories
Builders of a great land
Indian Head : history of Indian Head and district
Search for yesteryears : a history of Newfield School and districts of Elkhorn, Little Bridge, Murphy Creek, Newfield and Teddington
Range Riders and Sodbusters
Springside and district : memoirs
A Link to our heritage : Lacadena, Darwin, Pleasant, Saltburn, Clytha, Fundale, Opal
Maple Creek & area : where past is present. Vol. One
Ripples and Reflections : Hanley
Chips off the block : Moose Range (School) District, Carlea, Dartmore, Aylsham, Redwood, Luing or Meteor, Free State, Meadowcroft (West)
History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
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