Frank Coates hauling hay, Langdon, Alberta.
Girl with calf, Langdon area, Alberta.
Frank A. Coates shaving customer in his barber shop, Ontario.
Ladies Red Cross meeting at the Stelle home, Langdon area, Alberta.
Barns on Bug Ranch, Langdon area, Alberta.
Mrs. Robert Crilly with chickens, Langdon area, Alberta.
Gordon Bishop with 4H calf, Calgary, Alberta.
Florence Moorhouse and her pony, at Bug Ranch, Langdon area, Alberta.
School picnic, Langdon area, Alberta.
Langdon Legend
Combining on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Bug ranch, Langon area, Alberta.
Grain crop damaged by hail on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Separating grain at Alex Warrack's farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Sharon Hobberfield with 4H calf, Strathmore, Alberta.
Florence and Josephine Moorhouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Shirley Thomas picking garden vegetables, Langdon area, Alberta.
Frank Thomas cutting grain, Langdon area, Alberta.
Gordon Bishop operating snow plow, Langdon area, Alberta.
Alex Warrack driving grain wagon, Langdon area, Alberta.
Children in Halloween costumes, Langdon area, Alberta.
Bowden Lunn with surveyor's instrument, Langdon, Alberta.
Mixing cement on David Thomas' farm, Langdon area, Alberta.
Wenstrom family feeding an orphaned calf, Langdon area, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway staff who took royal train from Calgary to Field, Calgary, Alberta.
House at Bug Ranch, Langdon area, Alberta.
Group in front of log cabin in Langdon district, Alberta.
Daughters of Frank Moorhouse, Bug Ranch, Langdon area, Alberta.
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Acres and empires : a history of the Municipal District of Rocky View no. 44
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