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Report of the Commission, 1915
Botrychium virginianum (Linnaeus) Swartz
Athyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorum (Ruprecht) T. Moore
Calgary Archaeologist No. 2, 1974
Polypodium hesperium Maxon
Polystichum lonchitis (Linnaeus) Roth
Woodsia ilvensis (Linnaeus) R. Brown
G8 legacy chair in wildlife ecology annual report 2003/04: maintaining ecological processes and biodiversity in the Canadian Rockies, a continuing legacy
Lake Agnes.
Mt. Lefroy and Lake Louise
Moraine Lake.
Canadian Studies and the Library at the University of Calgary
Mount Ball.
Facilities for the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Calgary: Design Services presentation - report on interviews with planning consultants
Selaginella scopulorum Maxon
Isoetes echinospora var. braunii (Durieu) Engelmann
Lake Agnes.
Lake Louise & Victoria Glacier
Lake Louise.
Lakes in Clouds; Lake Louise; Mirror Lake; The Beehive; Lake Agnes.
Mt. Lefroy, Lake Louise.
Mt. Lefroy, Lake Louise.
Mt. Lefroy, Lake Louise.
Lake Louise.
Lake Louise, Mt. Lefroy.
Mt. Lefroy; The Beehive; Victoria; Lake Agnes.
Myriopteris gracilis Fee
Mt. Lefroy, Lake Louise.
Tower of Babel, Lake Louise.
Pinus monticola Douglas
University of Calgary Native Students Services fourth evaluation report 1976-77
Sparganium angustifolium Michaux
Bridal Falls, nr Lake Agnes.
Zannichellia palustris Linnaeus
Lake Minnewanka, Banff.
Tea Room at Lake Agnes
Butomus umbellatus Linnaeus
Consolation Valley
Lake Louise, Alberta
Moraine Lake.
The Beehive, nr Lake Louise
Glacier Trail, Lake Louise.
Mt. Bident and Consolation Lake.
Mt. Quadra, Consolation Lake.
[Lake Louise rail depot]
Lake Louise.
Cascade Mountain
Operating review of the Environmental Sciences Centre (Kananaskis)
Program MAB Calgary: the mountain environment and urban society, a proposal for study
Bromus ciliatus Linnaeus

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