Along the north shore of the Twelve Mile : a history of Lakenheath, Stonehenge and Twelve Mile Lake school districts
Out of the past : sites, digs and artifacts in the Saskatoon area
Heritage & history : the Saskatoon Jewish community
The Bitter 'n sweet : the history of the Bittern Lake-Sifton District
Our heritage : era of south and east of Saskatoon
The sword of Saint Paul : a history of the Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-1983
From a little stone school -- : the story of the development of the Saskatoon Public School System over the past one hundred years
The History of the Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club, 1942-1987
A Tradition of Caring : A Future of Hope : 90th Anniversary, 1907-1997
Bridging the years : era of Blaine Lake and district, 1790-1980
From ripples to waves : Greenwater Lake Provincial Park and district
Pages of the Past : History of Shell Lake-Mont Nebo districts
St. Paul's Hospital (Grey Nuns') of Saskatoon : our story : seventy-five years of caring : a history
Dreams and determination: a history of Grassland and districts
Valley Echoes : [life along the Red Deer River Basin, Saskatchewan, 1900-1980]
Growing through time : stories of Chestermere Lake
From buffalo grass to wheat : a history of Long Lake district
Valley Echoes : [life along the Red Deer River Basin, Saskatchewan, 1900-1980]
Roads to Rose Lynn
Salute the pioneers : Round Hill & district
The school beneath the hill
Town of Foam Lake planning study : technical report
The Loon Lake story : an episode in the building of Canada
Land of Red and White
Dreams and determination,  the legacy continues… a history of Grassland and districts. Volume 2
Prairie legacy : [Grosswerder and surrounding districts]
Men of Steele : life style of a unique sect :  Saskatchewan Valley Mennonite settlers and their descendants
From prairie trails to pavement
The changing scene : a supplement to saddles, sleighs and sadirons, 1972-1978
The Past to the Present Volume II
Legal legacy
The Past to the Present
Memories past to present : a history of Beaver Crossing and surrounding district
Along the fifth : a history of Stony Plain and district
Gull Lake memories : a history of the town of Gull Lake
Footprints of time : Viscount and district, 1905-1985
Treasured Memories : Yellow Lake and District
Rippling Memories
Reflections : a history of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika
Seventy years in Saskatchewan on mud snakes and sauerkraut
The Yellowhead Trail in Manitoba
Sedgewick sentinel : a history of Sedgewick and surrounding district
The John Plamondon family reunion, 1991
Beaver tales : history of Ryley & district
Treasured memories : Gwynne and district
Golden memoirs, 1912-1963
A century of progress : an historical study of the Waskatenau, Smoky Lake, Warspite, Bellis, Vilna and Spedden school communities
Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District
Yesteryears of the Hays Municipality
50th anniversary of Bohrson School District no. 1644, 1910 - 1956
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