Industrial unionism : what it is and what it isn't
Trade unionism in war-time : being open letters to the labour movement
Souvenir of the twenty-seventh annual convention, trades and labour congress of Canada, Calgary, Alta., Sept, 1911
Conscription or trade unionism!
Wartime developments in government-employer-worker collaboration : supplement to Methods of collaboration between the public authorities, workers' organisations and employers' organisations
Memorandum on the records of departures from trade union rules
Souvenir : Canadian union meeting : Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen and Ladies' Society to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen
Le regroupement syndical des institutrices et des instituteurs, une perte de pouvoir pour les femmes : une étude de cas: la Fédération catholique des institutrices rurales de 1936 à 1953
Why oppose conscription? : six sound reasons
Socialism and war
Labour and the costs of war
The lucky immigrant : the public life of Fortunato Rao
The One Big Union
Western Labor News Special Strike Edition No. 19, June 7th, 1919
Labour in chains : the peril of industrial conscription
British labour movement and the war, The
Relations of capital, labour and the state : an address given to Bristol employers, The
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
The Sympathetic Strike--An Obsolete and Dangerous Weapon
Dilution of labour : a war and after-war problem, The
Letter from E. Robinson to Winnipeg Water Works, May 14th, 1919
Hawaiian ordeal : Ukrainian contract workers, 1897-1910
Constitution of the Students' Union - the University of Calgary
Manpower : the story of Britain's mobilisation for war
What Affiliation Means [photocopy]
Peace : how to get and keep it
Western Labor News Special Strike Edition No. 20, June 9th, 1919
Los Angeles Daily Times Article, June 7th, 1919
A response to the White Paper proposals for an industrial and science strategy for Albertans 1985-1990
Wealth before lives
Manitoba commercial market gardening, 1945-1997 : class, race and ethnic relations
Labor Supporters at Meeting Call Mayor Liar and Murderer (photocopy)
Worker's resolve : an interview with W. A. Appleton, The
Clipping from a Chicago Paper
A square deal for all : historical essays on labour in Brandon
Let us rise! : a history of the Manitoba labour movement
Child labour and education : during the war and after
General Order No. 1044
Detailed Timeline of Strike
DP, Lithuanian immigration to Canada after the second World War
Fifty years with the United Baptist Missionary Women of the Maritime Provinces
Document Recommending Suggestions for Resolving Strike
Report of Police Negotiations, June 3rd, 1919
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