HTST 493-25 S2003
University of Calgary Calendar 1974-1975
LAW 659 W2008
HTST 493-01 F2009
University Computing Services development plan
HTST 493-30 W2006
Trial of Russell is Proceding [sic] With Batsford on Stand [photocopy]
Troubles in paradise : letters to and from German immigrants in Canada, 1925-1939
The "Beautifullest" One [revised draft]
Progrediamur: 1958-59, Yearbook of the University of Alberta in Calgary
MGST 597 W2016
A financial plan for Alberta colleges and universities: recommendations and research results
HTST 593-18 F2009
Upper Canada journal of medical, surgical and physical science. Vol. 1, no. 10 (December, 1851)
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 008
Alberta Bills: 11th Legislature, 1st-2nd Session
Information Technologies development plan - executive summary
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 021
HTST 511-01 W2006
Gauntlet, Volume 013, Number 011
Breezy reminiscences of Manitoba
La dixième législature de Québec: galerie des membres du Conseil législatif et des députés à l'Assemblée législative
A History of the Saskatchewan Provincial Library.
A report on the TESA-1 Automated Monographic Acquisitions and Cataloguing System as expanded to include periodicals / serials requirements for the University of Calgary Library
The University of Calgary, the library: detailed proposal for stage II (part I) and supplement
Holding the Line
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 4, no. 15 (November, 1934)
A Souvenir illustrating events in Saint John, N.B., 1893-1894
Gauntlet, Volume 004, Number 007
Gauntlet, Volume 023, Number 017
EDCI 601 F1980
A Bibliography on women and the Church
Réal Caouette: un tribun politique
HTST 569-01 W2010
Queen of My Heart [original synopsis]
Gauntlet, Volume 003, Number 016
Illegitimate [drafts]
Gauntlet, Volume 006, Number 008
Visit by Mayor and Aldermen, Calgary City Council
Bute Inlet Wagon Road Company, Limited
Gauntlet, Volume 004, Number 009
Laboratory Animal Science Resource Centre for the University of Calgary
Sunday afternoon radio broadcasts, 1949
HTST 607 F2010
HTST 569-01 F2006
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 011, Number 022
Gauntlet, Volume 002, Number 004
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 020, Number 019
LING 599-06 W1996
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