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Group of Kootenay women at the David Thompson memorial celebration, Windermere Valley, British Columbia.
Chief Isadore, Upper Kootenay, Tobacco Plains, British Columbia.
Chief Paul David, Upper Kootenay, Tobacco Plains, British Columbia.
Upper Kootenay woman with baby in cradleboard, Windermere, British Columbia.
Kootenay people of Creston and Akamnik band, British Columbia.
Mrs. Ambrose (Cecile) Gravelle, Kootenay.
Louis Phillip, Kootenay man from Tobacco Plains, British Columbia.
Kootenay celebration, Edward's Lake, British Columbia.
Kootenay woman, child, and baby in cradleboard, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Kooteney (Ktunaxa) group outside tipi.
Kootenay [Ktunaxa] group, British Columbia.
Kootenay [Ktunaxa] group, British Columbia.
Indians of the Rocky Mountain parks