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Lava divide between Koyuk and Buckland Rivers from near head of Peace River
Horses swimming Koyuk River at east fork
View northeast down Koyuk River from loc 9 AS 127 Koyuk-Kwik divide
Saddle between Tubutulik and Koyuk River from 9 AS 157
Rafting on Koyuk River near camp A20
Tree stunted by wind etc. loc 9 AS 57 near Koyuk River
Western branch of east fork Koyuk from loc 9 AS 83
Western branch of east fork from loc 9 AS 83, joins #443
Benches south of loc 9 AS 89 east fork Koyuk, joins #451
Warm spring on First Chance Creek, Koyuk River tributary. Open all winter. Trout, salmon, and pickerel in water. Runs 2 or 3 miles open.