Stories of pioneer days at Killarney
Grainger home in Killarney district, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry V. Grainger family, Killarney district, Calgary, Alberta.
Chautauqua play group, Killarney, Manitoba.
Thomas Jackson homestead, Killarney district, Calgary, Alberta.
Group of friends on an outing to Killarney, Manitoba.
Mrs. James, Killarney, Manitoba.
Aerial view over the Killarney district, Calgary, Alberta.
Motorman #174, Tom Gummo, at Canadian Pacific Railway shops, Ogden, Alberta.
Hotel destroyed by tornado.
Hotel destroyed by tornado.
Henry V. Grainger with dogs, Calgary, Alberta.
Les Lyons' Texaco Service station, Calgary, Alberta.
The Killarney Baptist's 'Cool Cats', Calgary, Alberta.
Emily Grainger with daughters, Calgary, Alberta.
Glengarry branch of Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Alberta.
Grainger brothers in yard of Henry V. Grainger home, Killarney district, Calgary, Alberta
Former United Church moved, Calgary, Alberta.
Passengers boarding city transit bus, Calgary, Alberta.
Killarney Pool
Killarney Pool
Earle Leonard Nelson, murderer.
Ken Lyons, Calgary, Alberta.
Wedding photo of Les Lyons and Lillian Grainger, Calgary, Alberta.
Emily Grainger with daughter Lillian, Calgary, Alberta.
Lillian Grainger, Calgary, Alberta.
Barber shop, Strathmore, Alberta.
Interior of Henry V. Grainger's barber shop, Calgary, Alberta
First Church of the Nazarene, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Martin's Nursing Home, Calgary, Alberta.
Chicken coop in yard of Henry V. Grainger home, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry V. and Emily Grainger, Calgary, Alberta.
Capitol Hill Pee Wees hockey club, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry Victor Grainger with dog, Calgary, Alberta
Emily Grainger with children, Calgary, Alberta
Henry V. Grainger with daughter Lillian, Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Municipal Railway streetcar number 84.
Interior of barber shop, Strathmore, Alberta.
Henry V. Grainger in photo studio, Calgary, Alberta.
Grainger family camping at Sylvan Lake, Alberta.
Mrs. Martin's Nursing Home, Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Municipal Railway streetcar number 84.
Calgary Municipal Railway streetcar number 91.
Communities six : Calgary grows to the northeast and southwest : accounts
Earle Leonard Nelson, escaped murderer.
Killarney kids parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Killarney Church, Evangelical United Brethren, Calgary, Alberta.
Report of the Task Force on the Proposal for a School of Optometry in Western Canada
The story of Manitoba. Volume 3
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