Group in tipi, Stand Off, Alberta.
Blood children, southern Alberta.
Percy Plain Woman and daughter Louise, Blood people, at St. Mary's School, southern Alberta.
Bloods entering tipi after Kainai chieftainship ceremony, Stand Off, Alberta.
Senator James Gladstone answering letters, Cardston area, Alberta.
Hand game played by Bloods, Sarcee reserve, Alberta.
Percy Plain Woman, Blood artist, southern Alberta.
James Weasel Tail, Blood man, southern Alberta.
Mark Oldshoe, Blood dancing, Sarcee reserve, Alberta.
Janie Gladstone, Cardston area, Alberta.
Blood with honourary Kainai chieftains.
Senator James Gladstone at Moral Re-Armament conference in Japan.
Adrian E. Russell, honourary Kainai chieftain of Bloods.
Senator James Gladstone in native clothing, Calgary, Alberta.
Calf Robe, Blood, Alberta.
Janie Gladstone with some of her children, Calgary, Alberta.
Weasel Tail, Blood, Alberta.
Black Plume, Blood man.
Adrian E. Russell, at ceremony makin him honourary Kainai chieftain of Bloods.
John Diefenbaker and Senator James Gladstone, Calgary, Alberta.
Charcoal's world
Percy Creighton, Blood man.
Senator James Gladstone, Calgary, Alberta.
Group at Blood Kainai ceremony, Stand Off, Alberta.
Installation of Chief Jim Shot Both Sides as chief, Blood Reserve, Alberta.
Joe Healy, Blood Indian.
Percy Plain Woman, Blood man, southern Alberta.
Percy Creighton, Blood man.
Black Sleep, Blood man, sitting on a model of a bucking bronco, southern Alberta.
Dempsey family, Calgary, Alberta.
John Diefenbaker at Indian village on Stampede grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Blood elders at St. Mary's Church, Blood Reserve, southern Alberta.
Copy of Treaty and supplementary Treaty No. 7, made 22nd Sept., and 4th Dec., 1877, between Her Majesty the Queen and the Blackfeet and other Indian tribes at the Blackfoot crossing of Bow River [...]
Marie Smallface, Cardston, Alberta.
Bloods in town square, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Blackfoot at Fort Macleod, Alberta. [Possibly Bloods at Sun Dance, Blood reserve, Alberta].
Senator James Gladstone driving a tractor on his farm near Cardston, Alberta.
Discussion of proposed highway route along Kishinena Trail, Kishinena Ranger Station, Montana.
Alex Little Shields, Blood, in car, Lethbridge, Alberta.
E. H. Hobbs, agricultural engineer, adjusting a pump at irrigation research station, Vauxhall, Alberta.
Karl Ernst making cement blocks at Superior Masonry plant, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Wayne Zuback shovelling snow from roof of house, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Gardener Steve Miechkota preparing flats at city greenhouse, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Steve Miechkota watering seedlings at city greenhouse, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Queen Scout Harold Coward in uniform, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mayor Marr Brodie on telephone, Taber, Alberta.
Trail riders on Kishinena Trail, British Columbia or Montana.
Arthur H. Sawyer, naturopathic doctor, sitting at desk, Claresholm, Alberta.
Stuart McLean teletyping current information at meteorological station, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Alex Michalenko cutting spaghetti, Catelli plant, Lethbridge, Alberta.
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