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Swimming Pool, Jasper Park Lodge
Ice Cave, Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefields
Jasper Town
Astoria Hotel Jasper Park
Astoria Hotel Jasper Park
Top Mt. Resplendent.
Mt. Edith Cavell.
Mt. Edith Cavell
Mt. Edith Cavell.
Robson Glacier.
Mt. Geikie.
Maligne Lake.
Maligne Lake.
Samson Peak. Maligne Lake.
Feeding the Deer Jasper Park
At the Bears' Lunch Counter
Bear Jasper Park Lodge
Room Service Jasper Park Lodge
The Triplets of Jasper Park
The Tea Room, Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper Park
Miette Hot Springs Jasper Park
Carex nardina Fries
Carex saxatilis Linnaeus
Carex spectabilis Dewey
Eriophorum scheuchzeri Hoppe
Luzula arcuata (Wahlenberg) Swartz
Maligne Lake.
Luzula piperi (Coville) M.E. Jones
Mt. Fryatt.
Potholes, Maligne Gorge Jasper Park.
Jasper Park Lodge.
Second Falls. Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Roche Miette. Jasper Highway.
Jasper, Alta.
Pyramid Mtn. From Lake Edith.
Mt. Chephren. Louise - Jasper Highway
Near Bow Summit. Louise - Jasper Highway.
Louise - Jasper Highway near Bow Lake.
Waterfowl Lake and Jasper Highway
[Title on postcard] Hector Lake from Louise- Jasper Highway Mt. Hector Lake from Louise- Jasper Highway
Athabaska Glacier
Athabaska Glacier - Columbia Icefields.
Athabasca Falls.
The Season's greetings. Mt. Columbia, Canadian Rockies
Sagina saginoides (Linnaeus) H. Karsten
Athabasca Glacier. Ice Fields Highway.
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