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Awaji Island, Japan
Japanese women with a koto
Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
Japanese cleaning ladies
Japanese dwelling interior
Torii Gate, Itsukushima Shrine
Japanese gong
Girls in kimonos
Flowering trailing plants
Punting in the spring
Japanese girls beside a pond in springtime
A lakehouse in the spring
Arched bridge and river valley
Wisteria in bloom
Potter at work
Mount Fuji at night
Fūjin, Japanese god of wind
Buddha sculpture
Japanese tea ceremony
Mitsui Buishi Bank
Housemaid at work
Japanese greetings
Japanese children
Watering the street
Travelling salesman or beggar
Japanese women thrashing wheat
Himeji Castle, Japan
Japanese litters
Engraved metal panel with dragon design
Japanese shrine
Japanese funeral procession
Bridge in a Japanese garden
Bridge over a creek
Japanese women amongst flowers
Women in kimonos on garden walkway
Three-storey oriental building
Japanese couple in traditional dress
Brick and stone building with water garden
Yusen building, Tokyo
Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery
Cormorant fishing boat