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Proceedings of the conference on energy: rights & responsibilities, held on March 21-23, 1976 at Calgary, Alberta
Report on the development of the Faculty of Law, the University of Calgary 1975-1979 - prepared for Alberta Advanced Education and Manpower
A report on the Fort Chipewyan Outreach Project
Faculty of Education annual distinguished lecturers
Inuit family by frozen Pangnirtung Fiord
Inuit Children
Thomas Flanagan's speeches
Inuit boy
Norseman plane at Pangnirtung
Reform Party Aboriginal Affairs Task Force report
The Kananaskis Centre for Environmental Research of the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta: a brief outline
Report on the development of the Faculty of Law, the University of Calgary, 1975-1979
University of Calgary Department of Anthropology Graduate Programme: self study
Graduating students survey 2003, University of Calgary
Henry Larsen  Dressed in Inuit finery with Inuit Friends - Bathurst Inlet Post, Nunavut
Inuit - Point Hope, Alaska
Henry Larsen and Inuit fishing
The Native Centre volunteer information guide
Four Inuit Standing by Snow-covered Hudson Bay Co Store Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut
Inuit Men, Women & Children - Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut
The University of Calgary - a visitors' guide
Inuit men, women and children Seal camp of Mt. Matheson "They are all terribly ragged, filthy and hungry" (Larsen) 1937 was a poor hunting year King William Island,  Nunavut
Report of research grants 1977-1978
2001-2002 undergraduate awards
Inuit women Zelations of old Neoritchiek King William Island Nunavut
Inuit King William Island Nunavut
The Arctic Institute of North American Canadian Corporation - review and planning document (discussion paper - phase I)
28th annual CHACMOOL Conference: archaeology into the new millennium: public or perish - program and abstracts, November 10-12, 1995
University Technologies International Inc. (UTI) 2004 annual review
Inuit at sacks Harbor Banks Island, N.W.T.
Inuit, Men and Women, Aboard "St. Roch" Tree River N.W.T.
Eskimo boys, Hopedale Labrador
Esquimo hut and group of natives
Inuit group on a ship
Left to Right: Halaktoalik, Angoayuk, and David Pektukana near island where one of Franklin's ships sank - Inuit with implements taken from ship. Sherman Inlet near Queen Maud's Sea, Nunavut
Inuit Koblella from Tree River on the "St. Roch"
Blue Book
Inuit traveling Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Inuits visting "St. Roch" - Lake Harbour, Baffin Island
Inuit Woman and two children - Gjoa Haven, King William Island
Large group of Inuit (approx 27 men women and children), Gjoa Haven - King William Island, Nunavut
Two Inuit women and child - Gjoa Haven, King William Island, Nunavut
Two Inuit children - Gjoa Haven - King William Island, Nunavut
Inuit from Pond Inlet viewing Capt. Kellett's Cache Dealy Island, Melville Sound N.W.T.
Inuk man, Epuella[...]
P.D.Baird and Inuit
An Historical Perspective on the Rural Education Effort in Saskatchewan.
Col. J Wilson and Inuit
Inuit Family
Guide d'excursion et d'interprétation du patrimoine : Roberval
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