Biomimicry and Penguins [Audio file text]
Biomimicry and Penguins: Intermediate
Biomimicry and Penguins: Advanced
Chrysotile asbestos sample
Chrysotile asbestos sample
Biomimicry and Penguins: Introduction
Schematic design report, underground utilities distribution system, phase III
Specifications: flammable liquid storage building for the University of Calgary Alberta
The Students' Union Building: mechanical and electrical (project number 1434)
Education and research on L.N.G. (liquified natural gas) at the University of Calgary
Calgary Health Sciences Centre construction estimate
Building envelope upgrading to Rundle and Kananaskis Halls
Engineering study of power and heating facilities of the University of Alberta, Calgary (project no. 4370)
Alberta Regulations 1986
Infrastructure renewal
An outline of prospective programs of research on liquid natural gas and related problems
Emergency feeding
Schematic design report: Olympic Oval, July 1984
The Students' Union Building: architectural and structural (project number 1434)
PHAC 359 F1985
Detailed design proposal for Science III B additional floors
Alberta Gazette 1948, part 1
ODPU 473 W1997
Gauntlet, Volume 019, Number 003
Detailed design proposal for on-campus housing
ODPU 473 W1995
ODPU 473 W1999
ODPU 473 W2001
EVDS 611 F1981
EVDS 611 F1980
Unsolicited proposal: Safety Engineering Resource Centre
The Reeve Theatre, the University of Calgary: detailed design proposal 1978
EVDS 611 F1982
ODPU 473 W1996
EVDS 611 F1986
EVDS 611 F1984
ODPU 473 W1992
EVDS 611 F1988
EVDS 611 F1987 dup1
EVDS 611 F1983
EVDS 611 F1979
EVDS 611 F1990
EVDS 611 F1985
Ukrainian vernacular architecture in Alberta
Ukrainian dug-out dwellings in east central Alberta
EVDS 611 F1989
Alberta Report Magazine
Detailed design proposal for the Heritage Medical Research Building
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